Balboa Park

The architecture of Balboa Park is a sight to see. Considered Spanish-Renaissance style and intricate to say the least.

San Diego can boast about their city park and museum area! We strolled through the area and were quite impressed with the park’s beauty.

Home to the famous San Diego Zoo and the Balboa Desert Garden.  The same place that Dr. Seuss enjoyed. It is said that many of his drawings for his famous books were inspired from the gardens of this park. What do you think?!_copy.png

Beautiful fountains “sprinkle” the park…

Look at that tree in the background… a Dr. Seuss inspiration?!?!

Happy Princesses? They were coming from a photo shoot in one of the gardens.

After strolling the outside area we went inside the botanical gardens.

Some Garden photos are provided for your enjoyment! Don’t go far… I’ll be back with scenes from La Jolla!

All photos taken with my iPhone 7Plus . Blog posted using the mobile WordPress app. Thank you WordPress!