Tuesday Tidbits #176 Edinboro or Edinburgh?


A new week has begun and June starts tomorrow! I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was wonderful. This past weekend was the unofficial start to Summer.

This morning I woke to birds singing and the sun shining but in a new place… Edinboro! Home to our LakeHouse… my childhood home. It’s okay that we are not in Edinburgh, Scotland as we were just there not too long ago. We found Edinburgh to be full of history, culture and romance! Funny thing is… Edinboro and Edinburgh are pronounced the same way! We will miss Arizona but it’s just a wee bit too hot for us there right now. Now we can hear the birdsong of the Robin… what a delight!

This weeks Creature Feature? Perhaps!
Our favorite lake.

Why I Walk

Today I will pick bouquets of Rhododendrons to fill the house with the feels of Spring. Even though Summer unofficially started… lol! Then let the weeding begin! But first a walk. Walking gives me not only needed exercise but a time to feel the breeze go through my hair, to see each and every beautiful thing on my path and a cherished time of being alone where I clear my mind. Perhaps it’s needed therapy… whatever it is… I need to walk! I let peacefulness rain down all around me… and now a days… I need that.

A Quiet Path Up… from our walk in Nothe Gardens of Weymouth, England.

Garden Bouquets

Kitchen Bouquets
Living room Bouquet
Lovely iris in a vase from Italy.

What’s in your Weed Garden?

As for weeding… it’s also exercise but therapy for my mind as well… until my back begins to scream! At this time of year we tend to have more weeds in the garden then flowers.

My mother planted a packet of Forget Me Nots 50+ years ago and now they have taken over! Don’t get me wrong… they are beautiful until they are finished and gone to seed. I yank them out every year and they come back again in full force. That’s okay… it’s My Mom saying…
“Forget Me Not!” 💙


These gorgeous bushes are in full bloom here!

Lots of Bouquets!

Lake Views Again

It’s so good to be back. We have some catching up to do here at the LakeHouse. Mainly weeding and chatting with the neighbors. So I will be back with more next week. Thanks for the visit… I appreciate all your lovely comments!