Trucks! Trucks! Trucks!

Jerome, AZ

A fabulous place to go when visiting Arizona.

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I love this little town! It is a fun place to visit because of the artsy boutiques, delicious restaurants, and incredible wineries.

Quite a neat little mountain town! Located on Cleopatra Hill. 5,200 ft. elevation.

And every time I go to Jerome, AZ…

I like it even more!

JeromeTrucks 024 The last time I was there… the fall foliage had just begun.

To start the day in Jerome…  you must shop at a few stores that have  local artists showcasing their pottery, paintings, glassblowing etc. The art is scattered throughout the quaint stores.

Then it’s time for lunch,  I highly recommend The Haunted Hamburger.

My friend and I  started out with Bloody Marys and enjoyed huge delicious burgers!

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Jerome was a Mining Town back in the day.

JeromeTrucks 018 One of the many tailing piles from the copper mining.
JeromeTrucks 038 Evidence of mining on the mountain side.

Jerome is known for being the largest Ghost Town in America as well.

Because of that… many proprietors boast of ghosts.

450 people call Jerome home… but who knows how many ghosts call it home?

Jerome Grand Hotel which was a hospital in the early 1900’s had 10,000 people die during it’s time of existence as a hospital.

JeromeTrucks 005 Ghosts are said to haunt The Jerome Grand Hotel. The third floor is said to have the most activity. It is a very popular destination for ghost hunting.

Another ghostly area is…

Gold King Mine Ghost Town

JeromeTrucks 039A great gift shop is inside and a fabulous ghost yard of old buildings, chickens and trucks.

The owner has done a fabulous job making sure this place stays true to it’s name.

JeromeTrucks 144

I was in heaven when I was able walk around the town and photograph some old trucks! I love the old trucks of the desert!

Enjoy the Truck Slideshow!

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The tour of the Ghost Yard and Trucks got me all geared up for a local winery tasting.

JeromeTrucks 004 Cellar 433 Winery located on Hull St. in Jerome has Arizona grapes to make their wine! The wine and the cheese board accompaniment was amazing!

But a Jerome visit must end with a quick stop for a cappuccino at The Jerome Grand Hotel.

JeromeTrucks 006Where else can you sit and enjoy a cappuccino where a coffin is displayed??

JeromeTrucks 007Please stop over to see  Ingrid at Live Laugh RV

and read all about her visit to Jerome with her daughter. Her great photos will make you wish you were accompanying them.

Until Next Time  ~Nancy