Colorado River

Good Morning and Happy Palm Sunday!

We went on a Get-Away to see the Colorado River that borders California, Arizona and Nevada. The beauty of it amongst the rugged mountains is a sight to see.

We were amazed of how clear the Colorado is…

With Engineering Marvels called dams… the Colorado River has such beautiful lakes. We now can say we have seen all 4 dams that are on the Colorado River in Nevada, Arizona and California.

The Parker Dam creates Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu

Parker Dam

Front of Parker Dam

Back of Parker Dam

Davis Dam creates Lake Mojave

Lake Mojave

Davis Dam

Glen Canyon Dam creates Lake Powell

We visited Glen Canyon Dam several years ago and I found only two pictures from my archives.

The Most Popular Dam is the Hoover Dam which creates Lake Mead

These pictures are from a few years ago as well.

Here is Sweet Man in front of Hoover Dam from when we visited.

The Colorado River is a beautiful sight wherever you see it.

Colorado River in Laughlin, Nevada

We all know electricity is made because of the water that flows through these dams. I will not get into all the electrical engineering marvels but putting these dams into perspective gave me a better understanding of the desert lakes along the Colorado River.

In my next post I will share Lake Havasu… our first Get-Away Spot!

Here is a sneak peek…

A lovely water playground in the desert!

Thank you for your visit.

Until Next Time~ Nancy