Tuesday Tidbits #164 Inspiration

Hello and Welcome In!

There are so many friends and family, blogs, and IG accounts who Inspire me. When these people open their doors and let me poke around for a bit… the inspiration is endless and greatly appreciated.

My She Shed Wreath …a Lovely Welcome.

The inspirational loved ones in my life pretty much all know who they are. They are cherished and so deeply loved. Sweet Man is number one. However, I could write an entire blog post on these loving and inspirational ones but I think I’ll save that for another time.

Home Sweet Home



This post gives reason as to why I can scroll through Blogs, Instagram and Pinterest for way too long! I enjoy the little cracks and crevices or the bits and pieces of those who open up their doors and share a little of their lives with us… including their homes. They all give me INSPIRATION and my Love of Keeping a Cozy Home. Home Sweet Home… is a Place We Make our Own!

I just put all the Christmas Red away and just could not share red in here again… so now we have pink!

As you know I enjoy changing up our home for the seasons and Holidays. February is no different.

It’s February!

Time to Celebrate Love

February is Hearts Month where we Celebrate Love. Not only in relationships (I’m thankful each and everyday for Sweet Man) but it’s also a time to Celebrate Family and Friends, Celebrate Creativity, to Celebrate Cooking, to Celebrate Gardening, to Celebrate Photography, and I could go on and on… but most of all it’s the Celebration of Living! So let’s CELEBRATE it! Let’s INSPIRE Each Other! To put it bluntly… I want to uplift each other.

1. The SUN☀️ is staying out longer every day since the Winter Solstice. CELEBRATE!

Cherish the Sun, Cherish those sunsets!

Cherish more time in your day… and more time to Create!

2. Creativity… for me it’s when I get to add arts and crafts to our home. I hope some of my creations can be inspirational.

My hand painted glassware.
Breakfast does not have to be boring!
My hand sewn hearts and hand painted glasses are added to my “Tea For Two Tablescape” in my She Shed.
Some added fun to the She Shed…inside and out!
An up close look of my adorable hearts! ❤️

“To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your soul grow.” ~Kurt Vonnegut

How many of you have read Susan Branch and all her books? She is so Inspirational! Many of her Books including Heart of the Home, Home for Christmas, The Summer Book and so many more are on my bookshelves. She shares her Love and Enthusiasm for Life through her beautiful handwriting, her art, her endearing stories and recipes. I receive her monthly Newsletter called Willard. It’s filled with her daily musings, more stories, more of her art, beautiful recipes and her love for Life! She often shares some of her art where you can print it. I recently printed out her Valentine Bookmarks. I’m going to do something fun with them for a few friends. Stay tuned!

Thank you Susan Branch for your Free Bookmark Printable.

3. Baking and Cooking! I can celebrate good food every day of the year and read new recipes for inspiration.

Homemade Cherry Chocolate Chip Scones with Homemade Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherries! The Chocolate Covered Cherries are as good as they look! These very well could be our favorite treat of the month, perhaps the year! And they are so easy… Buy a jar of Maraschino Cherries with stems. Before you dip them in delicious melted chocolate…make sure you drain them and dry them off with a paper towel.
The scones are a yummy addition to Tea with Homemade Strawberry Butter! And so are the chocolate covered cherries!

4. Gardening! A Celebration of God’s Beauty! We all get so much inspiration from other gardeners.

This is our second rose of 2022! It is reaching for the sky. It’s the first time this rose bush (Queen Elizabeth) has had a long stem rose. This is definitely L O N G! The stem is about 30 inches long!
It’s a Beauty!

5. Adventures, Travel and Nature We all know how much we love an Adventure! Travel is harder with the Pandemic…

A ride through the woods is always fun…

How about a Canyon or two…

Our Adventures never disappoint. We all love to travel like everyone else. However, our travels have kept us closer to our homes…

Sedona is always a beautiful destination!
Travels in the Back Country always make me happy.
Our beloved lake in Pennsylvania in the Fall.

There is beauty everywhere… we just have to look for it.

Let’s Celebrate the Love during February

There are so many Inspirational ways… Enjoy your Celebration!