Busy, Busy, Busy!

But not too busy to slow down for an afternoon of fun!

Yesterday I got to meet my blogging friend…

Teri Dashfield of Images by T.Dashfield.

Teri and I after an afternoon  filled with fun and laughter. I am on the left and Teri is on the right.

I have been enthralled by Teri’s photos for a long while.

She is a professional photographer that shares amazing photos almost every day on her blog.

Through many conversations… we found out we were both Ohio girls.

So it didn’t take long for Teri and I to become virtual friends.

We have chatted up and down and all around. She has been wanting to come back out to Arizona for a good while.

Then one day she messaged me and said, “I’m coming to Arizona!”

…we both knew we had to meet.

So yesterday was the day!

We met, had lunch, and laughed and chatted and laughed and chatted.

Believe me… what you see and what you read on her blog… portrays her exactly!

Her wit, her humor, and her smile make her Teri… and gosh… I am so proud to call her my new friend!

Although we were both very sad that our good friend Ingrid from

Live Laugh RV

was away in Texas. But then I am sure we would have had to call sweet, sweet man to come bail us all out of jail! HA HA HA

Blogging has really been a joy because of moments like yesterday!


Until Next Time  ~Nancy