Monument Valley!

Monument Valley, Utah

Arches and Bryce 083

It is nothing what I remembered from a trip 17 years ago.

You see…

when I was there 17 years ago we  drove through real fast.

Didn’t even stop for pictures.



I really thought there was NOTHING there. Therefore I told my sweet, sweet man there’s nothing to see.

Well, we booked an overnight because it was a good resting place on our way to Arches National Park.

Boy was I glad we decided to stay over night.

Look at our view…

Arches and Bryce 100 - Copy

From the advice of Ingrid from Live Laugh RV

She told me all about  Mile Marker 13.

Arches and Bryce 118 - Copy - CopyA great place for a photo and it is also called Gump Pass.

It is where Forest Gump stopped running in the movie.

Click here to see the scene.

Monument Valley is  famous as a backdrop to many movies and Ford and Chevy Truck Commercials.

Arches and Bryce 098
How about Jeep commercials?
IphoneMarch-midApril2015 135
At our hotel they had a memorabilia cabin showing all that was filmed at Monument Valley. This was one of the posters.
Arches and Bryce 099 - Copy - Copy
Just another way to view these beautiful sandstone buttes.


It was very windy and dusty  the day we arrived so…

not many pictures were taken.

Arches and Bryce 079

The horses stayed still while the dust cleared…

Arches and Bryce 090

This Hogan was near our hotel. It’s a traditional Navajo Dwelling.  I saw so many as we drove through the Navajo Reservation. Some are even modernized but still have the same concept. The door must face  towards the East for the rising sun to bring wealth and good fortune.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 136

Our  hotel provided a cottage/cabin. So cool!

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 127

Arches and Bryce 109
A dusty glow in the evening…
Arches and Bryce 107 - Copy - Copy
A beautiful clear sunrise…


Onto Arches National Park for my next post.

Until next Time  ~Nancy