A Mother’s Love

Do you remember the first flowers given to you from your children?

In my case …they were lovely bouquets of dandelions chosen so perfectly from the back yard. Those bouquets were the most perfect and the most loved. I remember displaying them on the kitchen table.

I know that my boys understand how much I cherished those flowers and how much I cherish their love today!

I learned so much of how to become a Mother from my Mom and my Mother in Law. They were both devoted to their families with an endless love.

Today I cherish a gift my Mother gave me when both my boys were quite young. The gift of a beautiful heart locket, that was hers, with her initials engraved on it.

She told me to place both my boys pictures in it… and so I did. What a cherished gift from her to me.

Those boys are much older now… men with their very own lives. But they will always be my little boys.

This was taken several years ago …before my Mom passed.

Happy Mother’s Day!