Tuesday Tidbits #127 Bee-U-Tiful

Hello Friends! Welcome In!

Did you know May 20th is World Bee Day? I was reminded of this from Mary over at Home is Where the Boat Is. She had such a lovely post about it and I sure hope you click over to see what she shared.

Bees Pollinate

We need our bees as they pollinate 80% of our plants as well as 90 different food crops. Honey Bees visit 5,000 flowers in just one day! They collect the nectar and then take it back to the hive which then it’s made into Honey.

Honey Pot Collection

Speaking of Honey… I love it. I try to have a little bit of local honey everyday. And I need to store it, right? So why not have a collection of Honey Pots!

I have them here in AZ and also at the LakeHouse in Pennsylvania!

Our Arizona Breakfast Table.
Our Pennsylvania LakeHouse Kitchen. Do you spot a few honey pots?

I enjoy making vignettes with them in our kitchens.

Help Our Bees

1 Plant a Garden so that our Bees have a place to find nectar while they help pollinate. 2 Try not to use chemicals in your gardens. 3 Bees love trees so plant some. Trees provide a fabulous habitat for them. 4 I had no idea that Bees need water. By adding a small bowl filled with gravel or small stones and then water… the bees will land on the gravel/stones and will get a drink of water. And lastly, 5 Support your local Beekeepers. They make sure to love and nurture bees. You can support them by purchasing their honey and beeswax products.

Do you enjoy honey? Do you have a bee garden? Thank you for following along. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. Wishing you a “beeutiful” week! 🐝