A Palace Visit and Goodbye to Oberammergau

Hello Friends! Thank you so much for following along on our European Excursion. I am so glad you are able to come along.

After another fabulous breakfast made by Paula, the owner of our Villa… we were off to see Linderhof Palace. Another of King Ludwig’s creations!

As you can see major repairs of the Palace and it’s surrounding landscape was going on… but it was still so beautiful to see.

When standing in front of the Palace… there are stairs to climb. So off we went to get a different perspective.

At each level there are lovely gardens…

At the top…

And looking down onto the Palace Grounds.

Back down at Palace Level… we see the beautiful golden statues that are actually a fountain. It was not working when we were there. We also were not able to access the back of the Palace due to maintenance.

The Grounds were beautiful… even on the way out.

The low clouds on the mountains were a sight to behold! We were happy we saw yet another gorgeous location in the Bavarian Alps.

Back in Oberammergau…

I wanted to see where the famous Passion Play is performed.

Every ten years in Oberammergau…the incredible Passion Play takes place. The residents of Oberammergau have been putting on the Play that depicts the life and death of Jesus Christ since the first play in 1634. The last performance was in 2010. There are 2000 Oberammergau residents who put the play on from May until October. People come from all over the world to see the Passion Play. In 2010 there were 102 performances.

There is an audience of 4500 people for each performance! Many shows are already sold out for 2020. There are about 102 performances so that means about 500,000 people from around the world will come to the small town of Oberammergau in 2020 from May-October.

The next photo is not mine and I have given credit to whom it belongs… but it portrays the open air auditorium for the Passion Play.

Source: https://www.parkhotel-bayersoien.de/en/offers/passion-plays-2020/

We have friends who are attending next year… what an unbelievable experience they will have!

Oberammergau will be greatly missed. It was hard to say goodbye. The people of this Village were extremely kind and very friendly!

Have you been to the Passion Play in Oberammergau? Do you plan on going in 2020?

Thank you for coming along with us. In the next post… we travel to Bologna, Italy! See you then!

Until Next Time ~Nancy