In the 216

Cleveland, Ohio is well known for its slogans. “The Land” is a famous one brought on by our Cavs and it’s still popular. But “In the 216” has been popular for many years. It’s the area code for Cleveland.

We have spent many a days in Cleveland as we both have lived here. This city has a special place in my heart and that will never go away …

no matter where I live.

The terminal tower is a beautiful icon of the city. Here it’s all lit up for my sons’ and daughter in laws wedding. This was their backdrop on the night of their wedding. A lovely day that will never be forgotten.

A night on the Cuyahoga River in downtown Cleveland is a sight to see and this was enjoyed by our wedding guests.

Cleveland has it’s Gorgeous Lake Erie.

It’s home to great food, sports teams and many beautiful places to see.

One of them is Lakeview Cemetery. It’s a must see destination because of its beauty, its intriguing buildings and many famous people are laid to rest here. Including President Garfield. His Monument is a sight.

President Garfield’s Monument

Inside you can see the beauty.

Another incredible building is the Wade Memorial Chapel that is in the center of the cemetery.

As you enter the Chapel you see the focus point of the Tiffany Glass which draws you in.

The walls of Wade Chapel are a mosaic of thousands of tiny pieces of Tiffany Glass designed by Louis C. Tiffany. One wall depicts The River of Life and one wall is the River of Death.

Above a woman explains what each part of the Mosaic means. The Chapel was built in 1901. The mosaic was put together in Europe but then disassembled and shipped to Cleveland and placed upon the walls. When Tiffany came to inspect his work that was put upon the wall… He said… “I am completely satisfied!”

Each pew was given more beauty as seen below.

The floor is also a beautiful mosaic!

Some weddings are held here.

Tours are also given of this beautiful Cemetery.

Along with President Garfield there are Many prominent people buried here. John D. Rockefeller, one of the founders of Standard Oil. John Hay Secretary Of State to Abraham Lincoln. Arthur Parker founder of Parker Hannifan. Harvey Pekar Comic Writer known for American Splendor. Henry Sherwin one of the founders of Sherwin-Williams Paint. There are many, many more but one that made me chuckle is James Salisbury inventor of Salisbury Steak.

After a tour in the cemetery we head down to Little Italy! Great places for great food! Actually I could do a whole post on the fabulous food in this city! It’s a fabulous Foodie Town!

So I will have to share much MORE about Cleveland, The Land, the 216, #CLE in another post!

We are Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well.

The Newlyweds!

Thank you for enjoying my post and thank you for your comments. I do appreciate them.

Until Next Time ~Nancy