Bermuda ~First Stop

We loved our Transatlantic Cruise!

We left a few stormy days behind us in Houston, Texas. But once we got out into the Gulf all was fine.

First stop for us was Bermuda.

Bermuda Dockyard

Cruising into dock we could see the pastel colored houses.


Their buildings were the same pastel colors.

Main Street in Hamilton, Bermuda.

After perusing the shops of Main Street we were off to catch a bus to take us to the beach.

Bus and ferry tickets can be purchased at the Dockyard for $19.00 per person. Taxis are quite expensive. The buses are easily found all over Bermuda.

A walk down to the beach was easy…


And look what we found…



Finding the pink coral was easy…


Another ride on a bus and we came across St. Gill’s Lighthouse.


Look at the view we had from the top…


But what goes up must come down.

We walked down the St. Gill’s Trail.



At the bottom we came to this spot…


Isn’t it just lovely??

One must not go to Bermuda without trying their famous cocktail called the Dark and Stormy.

Recipe: Ginger Beer over ice then  Dark Bermuda Rum on top. DELICIOUS!

After a lovely day well spent in Bermuda we headed back to the ship.

Home Sweet Home for 21 days!

We loved Bermuda!

Gotta have a selfie on the beach!


52 thoughts on “Bermuda ~First Stop

  1. I had a hard time posting and editing. I actually lost this whole post twice. Even when saved in drafts! So… if there are any typos… I am letting them be!

    1. You posted a comment on my other post that I lost! This is my second post that I almost lost again. WordPress is having a few hiccups tonight. So if there are any typos… I am letting them be.
      I am sooooo glad I gave you a thrill! WOO HOO!
      I have missed you but I have had to take care of all sorts of things that I did not get to see for a month! HA HA HA

  2. Gorgeous turquoise blue water!..and I would love to walk on pink coral sand. I think I’m adding Bermuda to my travel bucket list. Thanks for posting these beautiful photos!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time Nancy, and I hope you liked those Dark and Stormy’s. We’ve been drinking them here in Australia for years.

  4. What a pretty place. I would have stayed right there on that pink beach drinking dark and stormies. We will be in Prescott this weekend. Al has his art in the Phippen Museum art show on the town square. If you were thinking of coming to the art show, stop and say hi.

    1. If we decide to drive up to Prescott…cause you never know… I will say hello! Have fun in Prescott, we love it there!

  5. Beautiful photos of Bermuda, Nancy! Wanna be there now. Love the photos of you and the last one, happy smiles. 🙂
    Sorry to hear about the trouble you had to go through for posting it.

    1. OH MY GOSH! It may have been that I was rusty… but I don’t think so!
      Hopefully in my next post it will go a bit easier. Hugs to you, I missed you!

    1. It was very beautiful!! The colors of the water were so lovely along with the colors of the houses and buildings!! I am working on my next post now and I should post it soon! I need to stop by and see how you are doing. Soon!!

    1. We did get a lot done in one day! Bermuda makes it easy to photograph. Thank you for enjoying these photos and the happy couple loved Bermuda!

  6. Your photos are amazing. I love Bermuda, I have family ties there but I myself am from Nova Scotia – big weather difference! You’re lucky to have visited a country which I consider one of the most beautiful in the world.

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