Back from Texas

We had a wonderful time in Texas!

Our trips to Texas take us to see Family, Friends and Fun!

We see everything from longhorns to deer to cuties like this one.

We met this cutie while hunting for fossils. I named him Banjo!!

While antiquing there was an Elvis sighting!

After a day of antiquing we head on out to Luckenbach for a beer. Hanging out with the local ranchers can’t be duplicated.

This kitty is glowing red… due to a large neon sign hanging above her.

But it’s always a joy to get home. Nothing like Home Sweet Home!

Our Sonoran Desert… 🧡🌵

All photos taken with my iPhone 7 Plus.

20 thoughts on “Back from Texas

  1. Having grown up in New Jersey with a gentle Holstein herd in the fenced pasture next door, imagine the shock of meeting up with these wild west cows. May have been a full fledged adult, but I was so afraid of them for so long, I never so much as hung around for a photo. Had to make an uneasy peace with them to wander about as I do, or work as a Guide. Now, many years later, I do enjoy photographing them, don’t turn tail and quickly quit an area when coming upon them, and have truthfully never had one moments trouble from them….but those horns, the wilderness ranging, and the ability they have to stop me in my tracks just by being there…it remains.

    Beautiful photos Nancy. Thank you.

    1. I came upon the Mom and calf slowly. There was a wire fence between us. But I do understand what you are saying… we do have to be careful.

      As for the longhorns… I stay my distance from them! They probably are as sweet as can be… but one turn and “wipe out!”

      Texas is fun and we enjoy going every year! Thank you for the love!

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