Wanna Catch Air?

No snow here but more like Dunes!

When we were driving back from San Diego we went through the Imperial Sand Dunes of southeastern California. I was amazed as these Dunes went on for miles and miles!

We were in awe! Many, many people were in this recreational area having a blast on the dunes!

There were hundreds of hundreds of RV’s boondocking here. (I have learned what boondocking is from my friend Ingrid. It’s camping in an RV without hookups. She explains more on her latest blog post.)

Experiencing these Dunes looks like lots of fun!

We plan to go back to “catch big air!”

29 thoughts on “Wanna Catch Air?

    1. Mary… Wow! I did not know about Star Wars filming there. Thank you!

      Actually there are many places in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico that sometimes would make a great moonscape for a movie let alone for a wild Wild West movie!

  1. Imperial Dunes is a very popular boondocking place especially for RVers with OHV’s (off highway vehicle). Looks way fun! Thanks for the mention and glad I could share my wealth of knowledge 🤣

  2. Well, I’ve learnt something new – Boondocking! Here we just call it ‘Free Camping’ and Dean and I have done a little of it – love it!

  3. Last year we did some ATVing on sand dunes in Mexico. It amazed me that in many ways it’s like snow in how you drive. Looks like amazing scenery Nancy. I’ll pop over to see Ingrid. Xo

    1. She would love a visit from you! Ingrid and I would live for you to come to AZ! Most likely bail $$ would have to be tallied together for all of us!!

  4. Just looking at the sand makes my legs ache! Nothing worse than hiking through sand. We just climbed three short, very steep ankle deep sand hills today. What a killer!!

    1. I know!! We were amazed by the vastness as well.

      I am so glad you got to enjoy them right along with us! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. So that’s what those youngsters were up to!? Boondocking! Excellent photogrpahs Nancy, and I can easily envision you returning and ‘catching the air.’

    The dunes are believed to have been formed during the period when Colorado River flowed through
    the area choosing several directions, one being to turn westward into an area called Salton Sink. Whenever the river chose this direction, rather than to flow into the gulf of California, it would form a large lake known as Lake Cahuilla. Last time this happened was estimated to be 1450. The dunes were formed after the lake dried and the wind began pushing the sand about, creating the dunes …often towering up to 300 feet.

    Great photo essay Nancy. Thank you.

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