It’s the “Little Things” that Count

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for Wandering Wednesday which my friend Ingrid at Live Laugh RV hosts. This Wednesday the prompt is “The Little Things” and she asked in her own words for us to … “Share a photograph of something little, something less obvious, something that took you a moment of observance to see.”

I went through my archives and found these.

…the road looks like it is falling into the mountains.
…the saguaro inside the arch… I pointed out to some friends that were with me.
…yes we all see the moon but do we see the bird as well?…
I love when clouds show up in my captures!
Editing in a different way adds to this capture. Reminds me of a Norman Rockwell.
Two birds? 😊 [[[[
Big Ben from afar… framed in trees.
The saguaro climbing the rocks.
A view of London from a famous bridge.
The light house added to the deck of this houseboat.
sewer pipe fun
















A photo changes when seen differently. Look at how the trees make the photo more special in the second shot.

Palm trees frame the Black Sand Beaches of Hawaii.




I sure hope you enjoyed the images I chose for the prompt “The Little Things” for Ingrid’s Wandering Wednesday.  Thank you Ingrid for hosting.

Until Next Time  ~Nancy






36 thoughts on “It’s the “Little Things” that Count

    1. Thanks! My scheduled post eliminated some of my captions. I just edited those. WordPress does not like to cooperate at times when I schedule posts.

      Glad you enjoyed!

    1. Thank You!

      WordPress went crazy with this scheduled post! I am still editing. UGH! I sure hope it looked okay on your end.

    1. Thanks so much! I had a darn crazy time editing all the changes WordPress made to it after it was posted. (That will be the last time I schedule a post!)

      But so glad you saw the final —-edited, a multiple bunch of times, post!

      1. Oh that must have been so annoying! I’ve never scheduled a post and now I don’t think I will!

    1. Thank you sir!

      I have to say …this was a scheduled post that when it posted… it got soooooo messed up! Nothing was missing but it was a mess.

      I sure am glad it has now been posted correctly.

  1. What a bunch of fun images. Of course you had me smiling with the climbing saguaro. Hmm, I wonder why you had trouble with scheduling the post. ALL my posts are scheduled. When we get together in the fall, we’ll review. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and keep snapping away … we love it!

    1. Thanks for enjoying these! It was so fun going through pictures. I really do enjoy Wednesdays! Thank you for hosting.

      I have scheduled many times. It was nothing new for me. However… I noticed… that when making the post (on my phone) there were a few glitches on the App. So I think it started from the get go. 😳

      I have moved to the WordPress App to do most of my posts because of ease …and have been extremely happy with it. (This summer my pictures are from my phone.) Many apps get bugs …and fixes do occur. Also it helps to reboot our phones.

      With all that said… I’m just so happy this post got posted. Lol!

      1. Ah, a phone app … that makes sense. Glad you got the photos up and it all worked out in the end. Always love seeing your beautiful images!

  2. The little things becomes big things in your beautiful post. I especially enjoyed your Arizona landscape photos. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. That was a fun day. I went up to take pictures of the very large rubber ducky but also got to see the Tall Ships come into the bay. They were gorgeous!

      Thank you for enjoying the two birds. And taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

  3. I really enjoy this beautiful series, Nancy! The edited result is really cool. Yea I had trouble with the app…

    1. Thank you! A fun way to have to go through your archives.

      The app has gotten better but the other day it through me for a loop!

    1. That big rubber duckie was on most of the Great Lakes a few summers ago! He made his appearance in Erie, Pa. when the Tall Ships came to Lake Erie.

  4. Just catching up with my emails! I’m blown away with these images. You are truly a talented photographer.. and I really enjoyed the concept of little things.. ….in the grand scheme of life.. it’s really the little things that tend to be more of a blessing.. thank you for sharing the beauty of seeing little things through your lens.. enjoy your weekend my dear

  5. Nancy, Thanks for stopping by. I love all your photos! Your moon shot is gorgeous. I have always wanted to photograph what my eyes see but I fail.I would love to pick your brain.
    I am following your instagram feed. So nice to meet you.Bonnie@livingwiththanksgiving

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