Tuesday Tidbits #5

A wonderful way for displaying your travel memories are placing them on your Christmas Tree!

These are my photos on Christmas Ornaments that I make using Shutterfly. But you could most likely use any photo processing place. (I was not paid by Shutterfly for this post.)

I love the metal ornaments as they hold up very well! Plus… I can display photos on both sides. Here is my San Antonio ornament. When flipped to the other side… you are able to see more memories!

I hope you can start decorating your tree with your travel memories. We enjoy ours very much!

I am so pleased you stopped by for another Tuesday Tidbits. Thank you!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

21 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #5

  1. Nancy, this is a fabulous idea. We have always bought travel ornaments wherever we go. I place very few on the tree, but your idea is so much better with using your photos.

    Merry, merry

  2. Nancy you are genius! This is such a clever idea for ornaments on the tree and I especially love the magnet idea. Have a great day my friend.

      1. Nancy–I really enjoyed your blog. I have never seen one before. Thank you for sharing. Take wonderful care of yourself. Love, Phyllis Norris

      2. Oh Phyllis… I am thrilled you came to visit. You should look around. Click on some of the pictures on the sides you will see where we have been and the LakeHouse!

        Thank you for viewing! Hugs to you and Happy New Year my friend! 🤗

    1. I’m glad I started making these… I usually wait until there is a 50% promo. In fact I have to make some for our Hawaii travels!

      Merry Christmas!

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