A Walk in Nature

Getting out into nature is the best way for me to refresh my soul! It’s been a busy week so it was the perfect time to get out and enjoy our surroundings!

Our park is beautiful any time of year!

We had many migratory ducks visiting.

Our beautiful falls with morning shadows.

The desert was calling us and we had a fabulous trail ride!

We love our saguaros. Pronounced suh-wah-roes.

And these Paper Whites are blooming in our neighbor’s yard. So pretty!

A church is always a beautiful Welcome!

Most likely a Cactus Wren built a nest for its home!

A Pretty cool a Saguaro! It’s arm is crested somewhat.

More flowers blooming!

And now I leave you with a video of a Roadrunner that got very close to me. They usually run away! He even talks to me!

Thank you so much for the visit!

Until Next Time~ Nancy

41 thoughts on “A Walk in Nature

    1. Our park is quite beautiful! When I saw all the coots and some wood ducks… that completed my day. Just so pretty to see here in the desert.

  1. Nancy, the park looks like a fabulous place to walk. You live in a beautiful place and I always enjoy your shares. The paperwhites are so pretty, the architecture of the church is lovely.

    Have a wonderful Sunday my friend!

      1. Nancy, I can’t believe you haven’t been to Alabama! We have beautiful mountains in the northeast where I live and gorgeous white sand beaches on the coast. You must make it to our lovely state.

  2. What a delight to see this morning as we are emerging form a winter storm that first brought unprecedented rain in January then followed with ice and a thin layer of snow on top. Driving and even walking outside is dangerous right now so seeing your beautiful photos refreshes my soul as well.

    1. Oh it sounds like a cold winter for you. Hoping warmth comes your way very soon. Nature walks are always good for refreshing our beings. Glad this helped you out in a little way!

  3. Beautiful! LOVE the cute little roadrunner! I will be thinking of you today when I draw cactus for my daily Doodlewash art prompt. I love cactus and love it when you post pics of them!

  4. Beautiful photos Nancy. It looks like such a relaxing environment! As our temperatures plummet to extreme cold in Calgary Canada, its nice to virtually experience the warmth through your post!

  5. Nance, I loved seeing all the beautiful photographs from your nature walk! I especially enjoyed the video of the roadrunner. We had them visit quite often when we lived in central Oklahoma. In fact, one got in our garage and we liked to of never got him out. Sorry, I haven’t been commenting. For some crazy reason, the comment section wasn’t showing up on my computer, but I figured out the problem this morning, I always enjoy a visit to your beautiful blog! Happy Monday, sweet friend!!!

    1. Shannon it was so nice to hear from you today!

      I too have problems commenting on other’s blogs. It happens but we always can find each other on IG!

      Thank you for the visit. And Happy Week to You!

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