Roses and Romance

I am in love with…


I have Roses in both my gardens. Here at our Desert Home and also at our LakeHouse.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner… what better way to fill the air with Romance …then with Roses!

The easiest way but yet sometimes the most elegant is to just place them in a vase.

Just yesterday I went to our desert Rose Garden and picked a few roses …knowing that I would be using them in my Valentine Decor.

The little, tiny bug flew away before I brought this tender soft Rose in. ☺️

Once again I added them to a vase and placed them on our coffee table.

Styled with vintage silver …gives this vignette a romantic feel.

Don’t throw your Roses away…

when they begin to tire or wilt.

I simply dry them and add them to my decor.

Displayed in this tea cup adds a bit of whimsy and a shabby chic effect.

No Roses?

Then head to the grocery store and purchase many Roses and fill a bowl with them. Simple but yet quite elegant.

Have you begun decorating for Valentine’s Day? Do you have Roses in your gardens?

I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your Valentine’s Decor.

Until Next Time~ Nancy

46 thoughts on “Roses and Romance

    1. I never grew Roses until I moved out here in Arizona. They do so well here. My Mom planted some at the LakeHouse and I have added more. I just love when God gives me blooms!

      Thanks you for the visit… and I’m glad you smiled when seeing the pretty pink petals!

  1. What a nice treat this post is on an icy winter day. I love roses, too, although these days I grow mostly the shrub variety that needs little tending.

    1. Oh I sure hope you can keep warm with a hot cup of something… And dream about the roses that will bloom this Spring in your gardens.

      It’s a little early for Roses here in the Sonoran Desert … it’s why these two were quite the Surprise!

      Thank you for the visit! ☺️

  2. Your roses are beautiful, Nance! You have created some very lovely vignettes. I especially love the silver and roses…. how stunning! Happy Sunday, sweet friend!!!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Shannon. These Roses were quite the surprise yesterday in our garden. It’s a little early for them but what a treat!

      Happy Sunday to you dear Shannon! ☺️

  3. Absolutely lovely! Have you ever been to the west valley to see the farm fields filled with rose bushes? Although there isn’t a rose I don’t like, I’m still drawn to red roses with yellow coming in a close second. ❤

    1. My dear friend Ingrid… who has taken me to so many places here in the Valley and else where…
      I believe, if I am not mistaken, that when YOU took me to the Wildlife World Zoo we slowly drove by those fields filled with Roses! (Say “fields and filled” real fast…lol!) They were a sight to behold. I had Sweet Man take me again when we went for an Air Show at Luke AFB but sadly they were not in bloom.
      See… what I said the other night… YOU have shown me many “a places” here in our beloved Desert! Thank You! 💗

  4. I, too, love rose. These are beautiful rose photos. Before we moved here, I planted three dozens of rose bushes.
    I love the bowl that filled with pink rose. 🙂

  5. I love roses too Nancy! I haven’t ever grown them in my yard though…luckily they are available at affordable prices these days, and wow, I love your “rose bowl!”

  6. Your pretty pink roses have brightened my day. Frigid temperatures and deep snow. Any roses here are well tucked in for the winter so I shall enjoy yours a great deal.

    1. Oh Kirt… that has to be amazing to see in person.

      I think you should paint a picture of that. ☺️

      Thank you for enjoying the roses! ☺️

    1. I’m so glad they do! These posts make my happy as well!

      I have had a day trying to take care of another Website I am in charge of. I may share this misery in a post very soon! Lol!

  7. Nancy, your pink roses are gorgeous and they look so elegant placed simply in a vase. My knockout roses are confused, our winter has been mild and they have a few blooms, but now it is has turned cold. I loved your dried roses in the cup.

    Thank you for sharing Valentine’s inspiration ❤️. Wishing you a delightful week!

  8. The roses are beautiful. I especially like the photos of the roses in bud vases. The bud vases allow each bloom to shine in its beauty.

  9. Love roses and wish I had a garden here with them. Instead I grow herbs to cook with. When DH finishes fixing my computer, I will be working on a zine of roses I’ve been trying to make for some years now.

  10. Loved your ideas. I too have a lot of roses on my terrace but I used to discard them when they used to you know wither down. I’ll try your ideas

  11. I love roses too. In fact, I always have a least one rose-scented candle in the house. I typically like to burn it at night, because it feels so peaceful. This was a lovely blog post to read first thing in the morning! 🌹🌹

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