Tuesday Tidbits #154 Blessings Upon Blessings

Gratitude and Thankfulness

Sedona, Arizona

“It is not Joy that makes us Grateful… it is Gratitude that makes us Joyful.” ~unknown

The Holidays, especially at Thanksgiving, gives many of us the time for us to Count our Blessings and to reflect on our Gratefulness and Thankfulness! Counting Our Blessings should occur each day as it makes our hearts swell with Joy!

We Count our Blessings Each Day

First and most Importantly, We are Thankful for Family and Friends! These relationships make us rich with invaluable love and much needed support and strength when we need it. Sweet Man and I know in our hearts what a wonderful and loving family we have. We both Count our Blessings each day for ALL of them. We also cherish our Chosen Family… our incredible friends! We are truly Blessed!

Blog Friends

Many of us have made special friendships here in the Blogosphere. Real and Virtual! I am thankful to have friendships with many of you and have met some of you as well. Thanks so much for the blogs you write and the beautiful photos you share! I appreciate all your hard work!

This photo of me looking at the incredible Arizona Landscape was taken by a Blogging Friend Ingrid from Live Laugh RV Four Peaks covered in snow was a spectacular sight! Teri from Images At T Dashfield was there as well. Such a fun day!

Two Paradises

We are Thankful Each and Every Day to be able to live in two beautiful Paradises! Our Winter Home and Summer Home are part of God’s Country. So Thankful for God’s beauty that surrounds us at each destination.

Our Beloved Desert!
Our Beloved Lake!


We enjoy taking our Jeep out on the trails and exploring new places in the desert or out on the country roads of Pennsylvania! Thankful for Sweet Man and the rides he takes us on!

This was one adventure that we need to do again! Such a beautiful canyon!


Now that we are beginning to enjoy Travel again… Going far and near is truly a Blessing!

We enjoyed seeing the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State
Tuscany, Italy


Gardening is in our Blood here at Two Trails One Road. We love gardening because we enjoy the Fruits of Our Labor! My Mother and my Grandmother gave me the love of gardening. Sweet Man enjoyed flowers and vegetable gardening from a young age. So together… we enjoy our Gardens… different as they may be.

We love our Cactus Blooms!
A Lupine that my Mom planted 50+ years ago still blooms in our Pennsylvania Gardens.
A Pennsylvania Rhododendron being enjoyed by a happy bee!
Fall comes to our Arizona Backyard in December!

Our Sky

Celebrate Your Blessings

As we prepare our homes for our Thanksgiving Feast… take a moment to be thankful for your Blessings. Then celebrate them! Life is short friends… so laugh, sing, dance, explore, eat, travel, and admire what’s around you but most of all Be Thankful!

Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving my friends… enjoy every moment! Here’s to making sweet memories!

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #154 Blessings Upon Blessings

  1. I love your list, Nancy, and like you, believe in celebrating the blessings. I couldn’t agree more with all you shared here. I send wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving. Have a lovely season (and keep all those glorious photos coming!)

  2. What a beautiful post Nancy and I love the quote you opened with! You are truly blessed as am I, with 2 beautiful homes and even though mine are in the same state they are as different as night and day. We are enjoying a relaxed week on the coast and looking forward to Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl, our big football rivalry, on Saturday. Your gardens are beautiful, and that cactus bloom, swoon! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your next adventures!

    1. Oh Jenna what kind and beautiful words from you! Thank you!
      Please have a lovely time with family and enjoy every minute!
      We too have a big football game on Saturday… Ohio State vs Michigan.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. Nancy, what a blessing to follow you between your two homes, the road adventures, amazing gardens, gorgeous photography, and so much more. I am blessed to call you friend and I know one day we will meet. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sweet Man, and your family! Sending love and hugs your way ♥️😘

    1. Oh dear Pam… I always look forward to your comments. And yes… we will meet one day! I look forward to giving you a big hug.
      Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful images and commentary. Nancy, you have the sweetest heart.

    I am in awe over your first picture. Love the one of you also.

    Lovely collage. Enjoy the Thanksgiving week. We are truly blessed. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. Oh, Nancy. What a lovely compilation of all the things that brighten your day, your life and your heart. I’m so pleased (and blessed) to be one of your friends in the blogosphere. Happy to Thanksgiving to you and your Sweet Man 💜

  6. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻You covered it, and the photos are beautiful. The Sedona shot is so gorgeous, it could be an oil painting. You guys are lucky to have two such different landscapes and enjoy them both. Happy thoughts for a wonderful holiday from me to you, and thanks for all your positive posts.

  7. Lovely post Nancy filled with some beautiful images. The three of us sure had a fun blogger get together. And our skies lately have really put on a show … loving it and loving house living. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. thank you Nancy for your wonderful friendship over the years and for your sentiments. I have enjoyed your Tuesday Tidbits from the beginning and you are so good at sharing your adventures at each home. Hugs and blessings my dear, sweet friend.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

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