Tuesday Tidbits #153 Friendsgiving

Welcome! Happy Tuesday!

Maple Pumpkin Butter

We hosted a Friendsgiving this past weekend. Fun was had and we had a feast! I made enough Maple Pumpkin Butter to give to each couple that came to our gathering. I found the recipe from Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is. It’s easy to make in your slow cooker and makes your house smell soooooo good! I doubled the recipe and had enough for our guests to take home and enough for us as well. I sure hope you give it a try… it’s delicious!



I made Turkey Stuffing Roll Ups… find the recipe here.

These are so delicious and so easy!

I also made Corn Casserole, Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, and Cranberry Sauce. Everyone had to make something homemade. We had all the amazing Thanksgiving side dishes and then some! What a lovely evening had by all! “Friends are Chosen Family!”

The party is over when all the candles are gathered outside.

A Walk Through the Neighborhood

I try to get out and walk at least 3-4 times a week. It just depends on how much I am involved with through the week. But I thought you would enjoy some of my sights along the way.

Love the combination of the tall grass and saguaro.
Torch Bougainvillea
A lovely home!
Another lovely!
Quiet trails like this can be found throughout our whole town.

Sunsets and Sunrises

They have been spectacular!

From our front window!

Thanks To All of You!

I hope you had a wonderful week! We appreciate all of you who stop by and visit. Thank you always for your support and your kindness.

41 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #153 Friendsgiving

  1. So glad the Maple Pumpkin Butter was a hit for your Friendsgiving dinner Nancy! Beautiful blue skies, homes and sunsets. Wishing you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving week ahead. ♥

    1. Good Morning Mary… the Maple Pumpkin Butter is delicious and I will make this every year. I’ve had one guest already tell me how delicious it is. Thanks always for your inspiration!
      Have a lovely Tuesday!

  2. Good morning, Nancy! That pumpkin butter looks wonderful! It sounds like you had a fabulous dinner with lots of yummy dishes. Those sunrises and sunsets are spectacular! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

    1. Good Morning Judy…
      The Friendsgiving was lovely and that Maple Pumpkin Butter is delicious!
      I’m glad you strolled along with me on my walk.
      Happy Tuesday!

  3. Nancy, your Friendsgiving party sounds delightful! What a great idea to make the pumpkin butter as gifts for your guests. The menu sounds perfect and I know everyone was so happy to be invited to your beautiful home. Your walking area looks lovely with much to admire and enjoy. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets… Happy Tuesday dear one!

    1. Good Morning Pam…
      Thanks for taking a stroll along with me on my walk. It’s always so lovely to see the desert landscapes.
      The Maple Pumpkin Butter was delicious!
      Enjoy your Tuesday dear friend!

  4. Your Friendsgiving sounds perfect, how much fun and so nice of you to treat everyone with a jar of Mary’s Maple Pumpkin Butter to take home! I enjoyed your walk through the neighborhood, the bougainvillea is gorgeous, and those sunsets/sunrises amazing!! Have a great week!

    1. Good Morning Jenna…
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the walk through the neighborhood. It’s always interesting to see the different desert landscapes.
      Mary’s Maple Pumpkin Butter is delicious!
      Happy Tuesday dear Jenna!

  5. You’re spot on — friends ARE the chosen family and there are many I feel closer to than many family members. What a wonderful idea. I love the take-away, too. All the gardens, neighborhood — all terrific!

  6. Nancy, I’ve never had Maple Pumpkin butter but it sounds delicious. Your Friendsgiving sounds wonderful. I’m not sure how you had time to do everything and blog too!
    I adore sunsets and sunrises! I love to walk also and your pics along your walk were enjoyable. Such pretty scenery.
    Our trees are now turning with color and lots of leaves are falling.
    Have a great Thanksgiving this next week. We will be going to our daughter’s home.

    1. Thank you so much Bonnie! The Maple Pumpkin Butter is quite delicious! I hope you give it a try.
      Thank you for strolling along with me on my walk. Desert landscapes are beautiful to see.
      Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie!

    1. How wonderful to hear from you!
      I am so glad you are going to give this a try. It’s delicious!
      I sure hope you come back for another visit!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Friendsgiving…I’ve not heard the term until recently and I like it as it describes how I will be spending Thanksgiving. While I’m grateful for friends, I will miss being with family.

    1. I am happy to hear you will be with someone.

      We have the best of both worlds. Our Friendsgiving… and soon we will be with our family!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I can’t love this enough! I am so glad to see you back living life in AZ. When I first connected to you, you were still in PA. I think I will grab your recommendation for Maple Pumpkin butter, even if it is just to smell up the house. I am afraid I might be the only one to eat it….

    Your neighborhood is lovely. Like you, I love to walk and see what people have planted or just to see who is around. I know all the neighbor doggies too. lol. But most important…”Friends are Chosen Family”. Thats the truth.

    Have a good week. I love knowing you will post on Tuesday’s so I can check in. Donna

    1. Hi Donna…
      I am pretty much a Tuesday Blogger Girl. Lol!
      We love the desert and love the vast beauty it casts upon our eyes. I enjoy sharing our views, vistas and landscapes with others… especially those who have never been to the Southwest or Arizona.
      The Maple Pumpkin Butter is delicious… and so easy. I sure hope you give it a try. It is such a treat to enjoy on a muffin in the morning or ice cream in the evening.
      Thanks for stopping by… and Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

  9. Nancy, I commented yesterday and somehow it didn’t make it. Perhaps I pushed enter instead of clicking on Post Comment. At any rate, I enjoyed your post so much. I have never heard of pumpkin butter, but it sounds delicious and healthy. I love the trail you can take walking your neighborhood; it is beautiful and tranquil. Your pictures are lovely. Enjoy your week!

    1. Well thank you my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed. And Pumpkin Butter is delicious… I hope you give it a try.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Friendsgiving dinner, LOVE that and the Pumpkin Butter looks delicious. What a great gift for your guests Nancy. No wonder you walk that much with a neighborhood like that!

  11. I agree with you about friends being chosen family and it sounds like you spent a wonderful evening with yours. I enjoyed seeing photos from your walk. We have bougainvillea but I’ve not seen the torch variety before.

    1. Hi Karen… thanks so much for your visit. The Friendsgiving was fabulous. We had such a wonderful time.
      Bougainvillea is such a pretty flower but it does get messy when the flowers die. I’m glad you got to see the Torch variety here.
      Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

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