Tuesday Tidbits #152 Fall in the Desert

Welcome to Another

Beautiful November Tuesday Here in the Sonoran Desert!

Fall Has Arrived in the Desert!

I saw this Prickly Pear on a walk the other day.

When the Prickly Pear Cactus bears fruit… it’s Fall! We have picked the fruit in the past and have made Prickly Pear Juice. I froze it in small batches and I do add it to Margaritas. Picking it is not easy… we used tongs. And cleaning the fruit is not easy either because of the thorns. Sweet Man used heavy duty gloves to do his best to remove the thorns while washing. Through the process of using our Vitamix Blender and then putting it all through a sieve… it got done. We most likely have enough juice to add to Margaritas for a long while. I don’t think we will make it again. Lol!

I Won!

I won a beautiful specimen of Amethyst from our Rock and Mineral Club. It was found here in Arizona! It will be added to our Curio where we display gorgeous Specimens!

I Baked!

Easy Beer Bread! Easy but tasty! I used an IPA to give it a bit more richness.

An Adventure!

Friends wanted to go metal detecting for Gold in the desert. So we gathered up our metal detectors and met them out in the desert. We were mostly in washes… and we found everything else but Gold!

This is where I found shredded gum wrappers!

After finding lots of bullets and some tiny pieces of rust… We were on our way to our Gold Club Claims (where we know there could “possibly” be Gold) But off in the distance we saw a Mine! We decided to go exploring instead!

We see it in the distance.
It’s always fun to come across the old mines. This one was known for mining Greenish Mica.

We enjoy poking around and wonder how the people may have lived out here at one time when we see remnants of houses and buildings.

Is this what it looked like in the Wild, Wild West Days? I picture John Wayne riding his horse up over the hill?

The people who worked and lived here had incredible views!

The desert is alluring even with the thorns!

An added bonus was seeing some moths and butterflies on our adventure.

I enjoy seeing flowers blooming out in the middle of nowhere!

Back in Our Neighborhood

Flowers are blooming everywhere!

Lantana never disappoints!

In Our Backyard

One of our backyard blooms!
This is a Queen Elizabeth Rose from our backyard!
This is the same Rose but a few days later. So pretty!
I’m always happy to see a Monarch! This one didn’t stay long.
Our Agaves have become quite large and they have been trimmed at the bottom. I don’t think we can walk down our little path at the moment. I will have to trim the one on the right. I will eventually slice two more of those large leaves off.

They do make Tequila from these kinds of Agave but the Tequila does not come from the large leaves… it comes from the heart or the piña. Which is near the bottom of the large plant after all the leaves are cut and discarded. There are Agave Farms in Mexico where they grow them to this size. It takes about 7 years for them to get large enough to harvest for Tequila. Here is a You Tube Video of how one Farmer harvests the Agave Heart. A liter of Tequila is made from about 15 pounds of Agave Hearts or piñas. (source: https://izkalitequila.com)

Source: TasteTequila.com
We are very careful when we walk near the Agaves. As you can see they have sharp edges and a needle at every end! Very much like a sword!
They add beauty to our garden…especially when the other plants are not blooming.

An Evening Out

Sweet Man heard about a Celtic Band playing at a nearby restaurant. He knows how much I enjoy Celtic Music. The Restaurant has a lovely Patio where Bands can entertain…

The Evening Sky

Have you seen Venus and the Moon? It has been gorgeous!

And we have had some beautiful sunsets as well!

From our back patio!
From the desert…

Thank You Once Again

I sure hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I’ve seen lots of pretty Autumn leaves with some of you and lots of Thanksgiving Recipes, Tablescapes and More! We are hosting a Friendsgiving this weekend so I’ve been enjoying all of your ideas and inspiration! I’ll be sure to share our FEAST with all of you! Thank you for your visit! I hope to hear from you!

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #152 Fall in the Desert

    1. Good Morning Dorothy… Believe it or not we have found Gold before. Little pieces and Gold Flakes. Once again… it’s a lot of hard work and I’ll keep my day job at being retired. 🤣
      Thanks for the visit my friend!

      1. A perfect analogy! If you ever have time… scroll on my sidebar of my blog and click on Gold Dust Woman… you can get a glimpse of Gold Hunting by two amateurs. ( myself and Sweet Man!) 😄

  1. Nancy, I love reading about your wonderful adventures from week to week. The moon and Venus have been amazing. I love seeing your Arizona sunsets! Yum, the bread looks delicious and your garden blooms are gorgeous. I need to return to your lovely state in the near future.

    Happy Tuesday dear one!

    1. Good Morning Dear Pam… when you come to visit we need to get together. And always remember, I still need Alabama as one of my 4 states until I reach all 50!
      Thank you for always stopping by. Enjoy this lovely Tuesday my lovely friend.

  2. The desert is so beautiful. So many treasures to find. Lovely moon and Venus. Gorgeous photos all.

  3. Congratulations on your Amethyst win! What a wonderful specimen. And those blue skies, all those blooms! Sigh! I saw Venus, too. It’s gorgeous but I suspect you had a far better view with open skies!

    1. Good Morning Jeanie! That amethyst is not only beautiful but it came from a very special mine here in Arizona. I will always cherish this piece for sentimental reasons and for the admiration and love of a friend who is not with us anymore.
      As for Venus… it’s been fun watching it dance around the moon as well. The moon likes to move!
      Happy Tuesday my lovely friend!

  4. It’s easy to see you are pleased to back in your desert home, Nancy. Even the Rock and Mineral Club is pleased to have you home 🥰 Congratulations on your win 🍾 And I’ve been looking at the same Moon 🌕

  5. Kayaking on a lovely lake to mining in the dessert – you keep busy, and you have fun! Love the flowers. No flowers here, so I got a boost looking at yours. Your sunset shots are great. The second to the last looks like a fire, and the last photo just needs a frame. Have a great week.

    1. Soon you will have starfish and seashells!
      Thank you Judy for enjoying our activities… we do have fun… and that my friend, is what life is all about.
      Thanks for enjoying the sunsets.
      Sending you happy Tuesday Wishes!

  6. How exciting to find an amethyst! Your roses are beautiful! Love your pic of Venus and the moon. I got a similar shot last month. It was exciting to see. I am a huge fan of sunsets too! Yours was stunning.
    Your week has been busy! That bread sounds very good.
    I found the agave story very interesting. I had no idea how tequila was made.
    Have a lovely week.

    1. Good Afternoon Bonnie… I knew Tequila came from an agave but a,ways thought it was from the leaves. So we both learned something new together.
      The amethyst comes from a very special mine. I’m happy to be the proud owner of it now.
      I’m so glad we have become friends here in the blogging world and Instagram.
      Have a lovely evening Bonnie.

  7. Nancy, I always love reading about your fun adventures! The sunsets you captured are stunning! That beer bread looks yummy. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!

    1. Hi Shannon! It’s always so good to hear from you! I enjoyed your tablescape today. So pretty!
      We do love adventures! Thanks for the love dear friend!

  8. Your pictures are so beautiful. The agave reminds me of Mexico. There were a lot of fields in our area–raised for tequila and mescal. Many years ago in the U.S., when my kids were little, we raided some prickly pears and made jelly. It was an adventure, and we didn’t do it again! LOL Enjoy your Friendsgiving–marvelous idea.

    1. So you know what I mean about picking and making Prickly Pear juice!
      We care looking forward to the Friendsgiving…it will be fun! Thank you for the visit! 😊

  9. I always love these posts. I saw the part about the old mining town. I forget where you are exactly, but when staying in Tucson, we found an old mining town called Ruby not far from the Mexican border. It was a bit of a hunt to get there.

    1. We are much further north of Tucson… but I have been to Ruby. Lol! I’m glad you enjoy my posts. I try to make them somewhat interesting.
      Have a good week Chris!

  10. You are always up to something fun Nancy and I love the way you explore your area with all the day trips and adventures. As for the prickly pear cactus, I can’t believe you went to all that trouble, ouch, to harvest the juice… what does it taste like? All the flowers and blooming cacti are beautiful! I love beer bread, and it is so easy to make. I know you’ll have a wonderful Friendsgiving, I can’t wait to hear what you serve!

    1. Hi Jenna…
      We can’t believe we picked the Prickly Pear Fruit as well. But… I think every Arizonan should do it at least once. 😄
      The juice has a wild raspberry/strawberry taste. Not bad.
      I’ll keep you posted on our Friendsgiving Feast!
      Thank you for the visit my friend!

  11. And another grand adventure. So beautiful out there these days. Your garden is certainly welcoming you back to the desert and convincing you fall is indeed here. Happy Tuesday, and Happy Wednesday. Donna

  12. Great post! I have always found it fascinating to see these old remnants of mines in the desert. Makes me appreciate modern conveniences that much more!! I can’t imagine how hard of a life style that must have been!! Beautiful backyard!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great week!!

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