Tuesday Tidbits #155 Life is Good

Our beloved lake! What it looked like when we arrived this past week.
Canadian Geese taking a break. Almost all of them are resting!
Then this happened…!

Hi Friends!

Hope this finds you all doing well after your Thanksgiving Feasts! Are you wearing elastic pants?

Yes… we were at the Lake to enjoy Thanksgiving with family! It was wonderful!

We took a straight flight and flew into Cleveland! Here is what greeted us as we got off the airplane.


At Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio.
Did you know Superman was created in Cleveland? There is a lot of history around the city of Cleveland in regards to Superman!

Later we the arrived at our home away from home… at the lake!

Cozy indeed!
I was quite pleased with my homemade pumpkin pie! It was delicious!
Roasted Butternut Squash with Prosciutto.

I made a pre Thanksgiving Dinner of Roasted Butternut Squash Sauce over brown Butter Sage Pasta… it was an amazing delight! Full of enormous flavor. I got the inspiration from Half Baked Harvest. Delicious!

Roasted Butternut Squash Sauce over Brown Butter Sage Pasta! With a side of Roasted Butternut and a small tossed salad. A perfect Meal for the Season!

The Snow Continued to Fall

After a great meal we had to get out and enjoy the SNOW!

A restored One Room School House!
Yes… I built this!
I used what I had!

Life is Good

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family. And we have enjoyed lots of wonderful Family Time over the last few months here, there and everywhere! Many of us are Blessed to FINALLY be able to visit with each other. Let’s pray that we can continue to do so! I hope your Hearts are Full with not only Thanksgiving memories but also with lots of cherished past memories! Life is Good!

Let the Christmas Decorating Begin

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? Here’s just a little bit that I did at the LakeHouse. I’ll share more from our Winter Home soon. However, I am embracing a simpler and easier Christmas Style this year. Maybe it’s because I’m older and more tired… but maybe it’s because I have decided to sit back and enjoy the simplest way of doing things. And you know what… I like it!

Greens from our yard.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #155 Life is Good

  1. Well, you certainly had a winter wonderland to enjoy over this first holiday of the season. Beautiful photos. Your dinner looked delicious, and the pie is deserving of a blue ribbon. Last year, I decided spending two days dragging things down from the attic was too much so I adjusted and haven’t looked back. Sometimes less but targeted is more. We have a lot of LED fairy lights all around with plenty of decorations but it takes me two hours or less versus two days. Change is good. 🙂

    1. Good Morning Judy! It definitely was a winter wonderland! That snow was heavy!
      I’m with you Judy… I am enjoying the simpler ways of doing things. I still get a bit of the cozy Christmas feel… but less time is involved. A win-win as far as I am concerned!
      Glad you stopped by. Thank you for all the love! Stay warm and enjoy your Cozy Feels!

  2. Well nature was ready to welcome you two to the lake, Nance! It surely looks beautiful in the snow. Enjoy the season on this side, for sure as we get ready to welcome December!

    1. Oh that Roasted Butternut Squash was delicious! We really enjoyed it!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks so much for enjoying!
      Enjoy the rest of your week as well.

  3. Simple life and simple decor is what I do as well…So glad you spent precious time with the family over Thanksgiving. Wish we could have joined you. Those moments are priceless..Enjoy them. I am amazed at how much snow you received..the first snow is always beautiful..Then as I recall it gets « old » unless you’re a winter person and that’s your job! Love you sister..

  4. Nancy, your snowy scenes take my breath away. The red one room schoolhouse in the snow should be framed. I love the Christmas decor in your PA cottage. The knotty pine paneling with the deer over the fireplace takes me back to another time, I just love it. Did you know I am a huge fan of pasta and this dish looks amazing. I will be looking forward to your decor in the winter home. Happy Tuesday, my friend!

    1. Good Morning Pam… did you wear your boots for the visit?
      It was a winter wonderland for sure!
      The pine paneling has been here at the cottage since I was a baby. My Dad wanted this cottage to have a rustic feel. That deer is a 10 point buck that sweet man got while hunting many years ago. And the Mallard Duck was hunted by my Dad. My brother was with him here on the Lake. So many wonderful stories!
      The Butternut Squash Pasta dish was amazing! I would make it again!
      Thanks for stopping by… even though it was a bit chilly! 😃
      Happy Tuesday Pam!

  5. Oh, I love your lake home so much and I’m glad you are back. It reminds me of mine, with the wonderful pine walls — and I won’t see mine for another five or six months! Love your beautiful holiday decor too. Holidays work so well in a cottage setting! (I know what you mean about being tired. I am too.) The dinner looks divine, especially that squash with proscuitto. What a wonderful time — and with family. Onward!

  6. At least the snow makes for beautiful photos. And just thing the geese were happily snoozing on the lake.

    1. Good Morning Tim… I have never seen that many Geese Sleeping at one time. They must have just flew in from a long trip!
      Thanks for the visit… even though it was a chilly one!
      Happy Tuesday Tim!

  7. oh my goodness, all that beautiful snow! How nice to return to the lake house for Thanksgiving with family! I had no idea Superman originated in Cleveland, how fun is that! The butternut squash sauce with prosciutto sounds like heaven, I will check that out! We were at the beach all last week and I did decorate for Christmas there, but I have much work to do in the city, there are still pumpkins everywhere! I am not going all out this year as my daughter is hosting our family Christmas, so I will be keeping it simple too. Happy December tomorrow!

    1. Good Morning Jenna… oh my goodness it is December tomorrow! Where did November go? Time sure flies by when having fun!
      Thank you for the visit… and the Butternut Squash over Pasta was amazing!
      Happy Tuesday dear Jenna… enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. I love this post so much! Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos. The lake before the snow looked beautiful, but with the snow – oh my goodness! Incredible beauty! Enjoy your day!

  9. What a surprise to open this post and see you in winter snow at the lake. There is something special about snow and celebrations. It is like God added a special touch, some extra decorations, to his creation. All of your pictures are outstanding and bring your Thanksgiving to life. It takes an adventurous sort to live in two places and the extra effort is both tiring and rewarding. Have a great week!

  10. How beautiful!! There’s just something so calming and peaceful about the first snowfall. It’s beautiful! Your snowman’s eyes made me laugh! He’s so cute!! Stay warm and cozy!

  11. Hi Nancy, how delightful to see your beloved lake dusted (😂) in snow – someone else’s words can express my thoughts better than I can.

    Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
    In the lane, snow is glistening.
    A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,
    Walking in a winter wonderland.

  12. To have just arrived you did very well to cook such great looking food. Love your pie and that pasta looks fabulous.I love butternut squash and adding prosciutto sounds great.
    Such a beautiful winter wonderland. Your snowman is so cute and you got very creative using olives,a cork and almonds.

    1. Thank you Bonnie for all your kind words! How nice of you!
      The snow was quite heavy… perfect for building a snowman.
      Enjoy the rest of your week my friend.

  13. How lucky that you got to have a bit of snow. Nothing like a fresh snow the when the sky is blue. Best time for a walk. I love your knack for decorating. The snow man was the best! I knew I saved corks for some reason. I guess I will have to stick some in my pocket if I head north in the snow. Great tidbits this week. Donna

  14. Nancy, the snow is beautiful! How wonderful to have a Thanksgiving snow! Your pumpkin pie looks scrumptious, and the Christmas decorations look gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend!

  15. Wow!!! You captured some gorgeous photos of the snow fall! I love that you were here in Cleveland 🥰 Also look at that pumpkin pie! It looks like it could be in a magazine!

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