Tuesday Tidbits #226 Road Trip!

Do you love Road Trips? Do you ever leave the main road and go off the beaten path? When I was a kid, the interstates around us were not built yet, so we traveled on the two-lane highways that went through America’s small towns. Every town seemed to have its own unique qualities. But for me, I always looked forward to when we stopped to stretch our legs at a roadside ice cream stand.

Nowadays a Road Trip for us means we have a destination in mind, but most likely, we will make pit stops along the way or modify the route. Maybe even a stop to get an ice cream sundae or cone.

When was the last time you went to a roadside ice cream stand?

Being retired makes it easy for us to pack a bag and head out on any given day. We did precisely that this past week. We had a destination in mind, and of course, we made sure to enjoy the pit stops as well.

“Roads were made for journeys, not destinations.”

A mural in Seligman, AZ.
I enjoyed how the reflection through the car window made some bokeh lighting.

Our country, the USA, is beautiful from sea to sea, and to see it, we need to travel on the back roads. Our Road Trip was a quick getaway to Laughlin, Nevada. It’s about 4 hours out to the border of Arizona. The Colorado River separates Laughlin, Nevada, from Bullhead City, Arizona. While driving across AZ, I found it fascinating how quickly the terrain changed in those few hours. From straight highways to winding roads that climbed hills and passed through valleys, all the while, the vegetation, and geology were changing as well.

We went from saguaro-covered mountains to rolling hills with flowers to areas covered in yucca plants, then to rocky hills with no vegetation.

We love our saguaros!

Road trips take us through small towns with unique places! US Highway 66 gives you just that. It is one of the original highways from 1926. Traveling this highway provides you with all the nostalgic feels from times gone by, perhaps a simpler time. We have traveled this highway often in several different places in AZ and other states.

We came upon the small town of Seligman, AZ. It was quite eccentric!

This town of Seligman, Arizona, on Rte. 66 was such a fun town.
A town filled with quirky souvenir gift shops.

So much to take in! Notice the tail of an airplane on top of the store.
We did not stop but it sure looked interesting!

“Get your kicks on Rte 66!”

~Bobby Troup

Our Destination Laughlin, Nevada

This resort town has a few casinos along the Colorado River. Its riverwalk is quite beautiful, and it ties all the casinos together. We are not big gamblers, and we don’t care for crowds, so Las Vegas is not our cup of tea. Laughlin is much smaller, with hardly any crowds during the week, and the Riverwalk is stunning. Don’t let the cement and tall buildings in the above picture deter you.

This path surrounded by flowers leads you to the Riverwalk.
The Cowboy leads the way! Do you see him?

The Riverwalk

There are many stops along the Riverwalk where you can enjoy the cool breezes and the flowing water.

We were amazed at how clear and blue the water was!

Flower therapy and palm trees, you’re welcome.
For those of you who want some Water Fun, there are plenty of Rentals.

The Golden Nugget

The inside is quite lovely as well. We stayed at the Golden Nugget Casino.

Waterfalls at the Golden Nugget.

We enjoy looking out the window as God’s Beauty passes us by. However, like most adventures, it’s always nice to arrive safely at home.

Do you have any Road Trips planned?

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank You

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings.

45 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #226 Road Trip!

  1. That is an absolutely beautiful riverwalk. Gorgeous. Every time I see or hear ‘Route 66,’ my mind goes back to the old tv show. I know that shows my age, but that’s okay. We will probably go north a ways in early summer for sure but don’t know where else the roads will call us.

    1. Good morning Judy. Glad you enjoyed and have fun on your road trip. Have a great Tuesday and don’t work too hard in your gardens.

  2. Loved going on this excursion with you, Nancy. Hubby and I also love the “less traveled” roads that reminds of the Sunday afternoon “rides” of our childhood.

    1. Yes indeed! I remember the Sunday afternoon rides.
      Thank you for coming along with us! Good to hear from you. Enjoy your Tuesday!

    1. There’s nothing better than a Hot Fudge Sundae at a roadside stop.
      Thank for coming along! Happy Tuesday. Take good care of yourself.

  3. Nancy, your travels are always enjoyable to follow. Route 66 is a road that we should travel more of. We have been on a few stretches and I love the quirkiness of the small towns. I always enjoy riding with you and Sweet Man. We don’t have a road trip planned, but we have a few in mind. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Good morning dear Pam! So glad you came along with us and enjoyed it.
      You have great rides on your golf cart with your littles. I’m sure you can bring some ice cream along on the ride. 🤣
      Happy Tuesday dear friend!

  4. That is my kind of road trip! Thanks for taking us along with your lovely photos. I love the quirky little towns along Route 66. Yes, we often travel along back roads and avoid interstates when we can. Yes, we have a couple of road trips planned. Happy Tuesday.

    1. Good Morning Beth! I’m so glad you joined us. Food Ole 66 never lets us down.
      I look forward to hearing about your road trips and your beautiful pictures.
      Enjoy your Tuesday!

  5. You’ve seen some wonderful things on your jaunts. I love some of the buildings. They look quirky and fun. I’m with you on back roads versus highways. It takes a little longer but why be in a hurry? It’s always MUCH more interesting (especially if you’re traveling with someone who likes to stop along the way!)

    1. He is the first to make U-turns togo see something. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes want to hurry to get to our destination but I have to remind myself… to stop being boring!! And we are retired. Why hurry!!
      Thanks for the love. And thanks for coming along!

  6. We’ve been to Laughlin a few times and even stayed at the Golden Nugget. Laughlin is a fun place to visit … once, but we found ourselves easily bored as we too are not gamblers. The drive from here to there is interesting though.

    1. We had fun playing the nickel slots. We took a ride up to Davis Dam and even rock-hounded in the area. (The temps are a bit cooler.) We enjoyed two evenings and drove different ways, coming and going to Laughlin, so the sights were different. Rte 66 made it intriguing m. Then we saw Pronghorn in the Chino Valley. 🙂They are always fun to see.

  7. What a fun trip! You and Sweet Man are always exploring and discovering, and I love coming along! I traveled lots of back roads when I was little too, my father loved long road trips! My favorite part was stopping at Howard Johnsons for lunch and I’d always get a grilled cheese sandwich. Seligman looks like a really fun place to stop, and the riverwalk and the hotel where you stayed look beautiful, so glad you enjoyed!

    1. We would stop at Howard Johnsons too! Such fond memories!
      I am so happy you came along. And rte 66 never disappoints.
      Enjoy the rest of your week, Jenna!

  8. What a lovely, colourful road trip, Nancy. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have stopped at the Roadkill Cafe either 🤣🤣🤣

  9. “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”~Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson was spot on with this quote! I am in total agreement with you, the back roads of America are full of interesting things to see and do! And this trip looks like y’all had a good time!!!

    1. We did! It’s all about making it fun and interesting.
      I’m so happy you came along.
      Have a great week my friend.

  10. I love the way you road trip. Easy and no stress, that’s the way to do it.

  11. What a fun road trip! We did a lot of off the freeway traveling on our motorcycles, but that is getting harder to do as we age. Plus there’s always the furbabies to consider. Seligman and Laughlin are both on my radar now!

    1. It was a great place for a two-night stay. Up the road from Laughlin is Davis Dam which was interesting to visit. And then the back roads to and from made it all worthwhile.
      Thanks for coming along! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  12. You’ve captured the stunning scenery on your road trip, Nancy! We’ve only driven a few miles on Route 66 in the Mojave Desert but we’re always game for a road trip. We have a dog to consider too (like a kid) 🙂 Given that our last trip lasted 3 weeks, we’ve enjoyed home these days to landscape and just be home. That Riverwalk looks amazing, glad the temps are holding up well for you!

    1. We went to Laughlin for cooler temps. The Valley is heating up. Being away from home for 3 weeks makes “home sweet home” even sweeter! I’m glad you all made it back safely. And thank you for coming along and enjoying! Have a great week, Terri.

  13. I did enjoy walking, and riding, with you, Nancy, in a country so very different from my own, or even my adopted one- Portugal. The Riverwalk looks beautiful. I followed you here from Janet’s blog. Nice to connect.

    1. I am so happy you came for a visit. We visited Portugal last spring and I loved it. We went to Lisbon. It was so beautiful!
      Janet is a sweetie. She and I are part of the Blog Buddies who try to meet once a month.
      Thanks for coming along and enjoying! I’ll be stopping by your blog very soon. Have a wonderful week.

      1. No worries! The setup doesn’t work for everyone since I changed from simple Restlessjo, and I know how frustrating it can be. Thanks for your visit anyway 🤗💗

  14. Hugs to you for all the wonderful pictures you always take & share with us! I always feel as if we are right there traveling along with you. Thanks for taking us along!

  15. Such beautiful country and scenery Nancy! The road less travelled is always interesting, such fun and quirky sights. 😊 Enjoy your week. ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Mary. And I concur the roads less traveled are always quite interesting!
      Thank you for coming along with us! Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much, Ruth, for coming along with us. It was a fun trip.
      And thanks so much for enjoying many other posts as well. It was so good to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Nothing like stopping for an ice cream on any road-trip. A fun post Nancy. I think I need to return to Segilman. We went though one day on a trip home and it got to late to enjoy any of the fun. And there is no doubt we would have had dinner at the Roadkill Cage. lol. Like you, we love stops along the way. It is always about the journey. life is like that too.

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