Tuesday Tidbits #22

Arizona is an amazing place to live. The weather is fabulous. The sky is gorgeous blue. The sun shines almost everyday. Precipitation totals are low. (Even though this past winter we saw more then usual.) These factors added all together… make for happy people. It’s true… there are no winter blues here.

There is so much to do here. Hiking is popular because of all the mountains and neighborhood trails. But there is so much more to do as well. Off roading can take you deep into the back country to see amazing sights. And yes… Arizona has Water… we have lakes and washes for fishing and boating. People, like me, go off roading to not only find the beautiful views but also to Rock Hound. Arizona is full of Rocks, Gems and Minerals!

Therefore I want you to be able to see what we see when we head out in our Jeep. So sit back and relax… and view the amAZing Arizona landscapes.

Mountains and Canyons…

Lakes, Washes and Rivers

Our Beloved Red Rocks

Monument Valley
Petrified Wood National Park

Painted Desert National Park

Sedona Chapel



Slot Canyons

Native American Ruins

We have lots to see… come visit us… here in Arizona!

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying Arizona right along with us!

Until Next Time ~Nancy