Tuesday Tidbits #42 CASTLES

Waking up in our Oberammergau Villa and knowing a breakfast was waiting for us … just outside our door made our early mornings wonderful.

Greta made us feel at home with her amazing morning breakfast spread!

The meatballs with the hard boiled eggs were my favorite until she brought me my little chicken which was a soft boiled egg. Yum! We were always encouraged to eat a good breakfast before we left for our busy day! What a delight!

Like I said in my last post… we were conveniently located across the street from the Bus Station… so after breakfast we went to catch our bus that was going to take us to our first castle… Neuschwanstein Castle.

The Transportation in Europe is incredible! It’s amazing how many people can get to many places within a city, a country and to other countries as well. No matter a train, a subway, tram or bus… we had no problem traveling without a rental car.

While waiting for the bus I was concerned about the fog. That it would impede our castle viewing!

But it cleared up in no time! The bus dropped us off at the perfect place. Another great reason to take public transportation! The parking in this area was CRAZY AND VERY CROWDED!

And this was our first sight of Neuschwanstein Castle.

We of course wanted to get closer. The hike up can be done but to save on time they have a shuttle. The cost of the shuttle for the ride up and return trip costs 3 per person. It was quite warm and it sounded good to us!

Here we are waiting for the shuttle with

the Hohenschwangau Castle behind us.

The Shuttle is tight so try to choose a seat or a place by the middle or back doors. It makes it easier for getting out of shuttle.

There is a small hike up to a bridge that gives you an incredible view of Neuschwanstein Castle. We went on the bridge but I was extremely nervous when taking pictures. It was overcrowded! There was no one monitoring how many people were permitted on the bridge. I wanted my pictures and then I wanted OFF THE BRIDGE!

But it was well worth it… standing there nervously shaking …to see the castle.

The following video shows the area the bridge goes over.

After my nerves calmed down… it was time to get closer to the Castle. The trails are crowded but not overwhelming.

At this point I turned around. I’m sorry to disappoint you… we did not go inside. There is only so much time in a day but to be perfectly honest …it would have been very crowded… and that’s just not my cup of tea. I highly recommend purchasing your tickets online and getting here VERY EARLY. Actually I highly recommend that for all tours of anything that is important to you …in Europe! Viewing it was enough for me.

Coming back I stopped to over look the Village of Hohenschwangau. The view was incredible! Remember we were standing down there …not too long ago …waiting for the shuttle and getting our picture taken in front of Hohenschwangau Castle.

But all good things must come to an end. And the wait for the shuttle was about 20 minutes. They do check your ticket to make sure you have a RETURN ticket. So keep it handy.

Before catching the Bus back to our Villa… a trip to the bathroom at the Village, called Toiletten, will cost you .50

Arriving back in Oberammergau around mid afternoon was wonderful… NO CROWDS! And it also meant it was time for a pick me up!

Strudel and cappuccinos!

It was a lovely day! But rest was needed for our visit to Linderhof Palace. I will be sharing our visit to the Palace and sharing our goodbyes to Oberammergau with my next post. We appreciate you following along on our European Vacation. Thank you so much!

Until Next Time ~Nancy