Hello and Welcome to Two Trails One Road!

We just got back from a week in Arizona. We went back to enjoy the heat, a fabulous pool party and sunsets/sunrises outside our door!

17 of us gathered at our friend’s house for the pool party and it was so nice to see everyone and cool off!

Our limes are doing wonderful and will be ready when we get back in the fall.

We loved seeing our backyard… we miss it when we are gone.

Our backyard friends were there to greet us! Mr. Gamble Quail and our backyard Great Horned Owl!

Then in no time at all… we were back on a plane and flying back to Pennsylvania …the sky was beautiful! I just love seeing the clouds!

But no sooner were we back at the LakeHouse… off to Cleveland, Ohio we went … to see friends and family! It’s only a two hour drive from the LakeHouse.

The Cleveland Skyline is always a treat to see!

But to get to Cleveland…

A drive through the country is always enjoyable!

And we noticed in some areas the corn is getting ready to pick.

A fun week was had! We are truly blessed to live in two Paradises!

Back here in Pennsylvania…

Our Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas are just now starting to turn pink!

They make beautiful bouquets with added flowers from the gardens!

It was definitely a whirlwind of a week… but we wouldn’t do it any other way! Isn’t that so, sweet man??

Until Next Time~ Nancy