Tuesday Tidbits #159 A New Year Awaits

Hello Friends!

Christmas is over. I sure hope you had a wonderful weekend. Are you still enjoying all the rich food and sweet delights? And this weekend we will say goodbye to 2021. We are hoping that 2022 sees less of Covid and more fun times with family!

Momma and her baby!

Creature Feature

There’s just something about seeing wildlife when we are out for an adventure. Here in the desert we see wild Burros quite often. They are from the Gold Rush days of years gone by.

Each of the above pictures were taken on 3 different desert rides. We enjoy seeing them. Hearing them bray gives us a smile.

Desert Adventures

The views are always incredible.
Look at those clouds!
Look at those mountains!

I could post picture after picture of our incredible desert! But… we did have a short get away to Seattle a few weeks ago to see family.

It’s So Green!

Seattle is located in a rainforest. I’m always amazed of how green it is and how tall the trees are. Oh, and how the moss grows on everything!

Seattle Symphony

The Christmas Pops was outstanding!

And right outside the Symphony Hall… Seattle had a beautiful area all lit up for Christmas!

Home Sweet Home

We had quite a bit of travel these last few months so it was nice to get back home. I was happy to recharge at home!

Our backyard was ready for Christmas.
And sitting out back watching the sunsets has been fabulous! Nothing like a backyard sunset. Home Sweet Home!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead! Happy New Year Friends! Here’s to a fabulous 2022!