Tuesday Tidbits #144 It Has Begun!

🍁 Fall Touches 🍁

It’s happening… I am adding a few fall touches around the LakeHouse. Although… the Air Conditioning has kicked back on. Welcome to our little Country Cottage!

Our Little Country Kitchen Cottage. Sweet Man came home with the runner… perfect for Fall!

Our LakeHouse is my Childhood Home… so there are many memories around this table. My Mom showed me how to make homemade noodles at this table. When my boys were little… my Mom made root beer floats and had them sit right here at that table. Oh, and when I came home from school… many times Mom’s homemade bread was sitting on this table. She had a dish of butter and we would have a slice together, still warm from the oven! Well, maybe we had more then one slice!

The Rooster Dishes are from my sister.

Of course Mums were purchased and added outside. But do you see the wood neatly stacked? Sweet Man split the wood and I stacked! We are ready for many backyard fires and more s’mores! (Don’t you worry… there’s more wood neatly stacked around the corner!)

How about you …are you adding any Fall touches to your home?

Fall touches can pretty much pop up out of no where with me.

Fall Fun added to indoor plantings.

And sometimes our decor pretty much matches traditional fall colors.

🍁 Fall Feels? 🍁

The trees are slowly showing their colors at the lake.
Fall Clematis!
Wild Aster
Soybean Fields are turning golden!

Fall Feels For Sure! How about in your neck of the woods?

Fall Favorites

All we need now are Fall Favorites… such as apple cider, apple pie, pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin muffins, acorn squash, and how about pumpkin martinis?

Easy to make since Pumpkin Martini Mix comes in a bottle now. Just add whipped cream!

A Fall Appetizer

Here is something for you to share at your next gathering of friends.

An Apple Sunflower with Dip!
Click on recipe to make it larger.

As always… thank you so much for stopping by. Please let me know what fall additions you are adding to your decor or menu.