Antelope Canyon ~Upper Slot

A while ago we went to see Antelope Canyon using a Groupon.

I highly recommend going to Antelope Canyon and if you can use a Groupon…

by all means do it!

A driver from Blue Feather Tours picked us and a few friends up in Flagstaff, AZ.

He drove us to Page, AZ but with a few pit stops along the way.

First Stop was Horseshoe Bend near Lake Powell.

IMG_3703 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy(Side note… this is the trip where I began to have a major dislike for selfie sticks. People use them not only for selfies but to get 4 feet higher. Many of my shots were ruined because of a selfie stick. It’s exactly why National Parks have banned them. The Navajos are very close to doing so as well.)

After Horseshoe Bend we stopped for lunch which was provided for by the tour company. It was quite good and we sat and looked at this.

Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Bridge
Dinosaur Tracks displayed outside the visitor center of Glen Canyon Dam.

Off we went to a Page parking lot to wait for our Navajo to take us to Antelope Canyon. The Navajos are your private tour guides for Antelope Canyon as it is on the Navajo Reservation.

Our entertainment is a  Navajo Hoop Dance while we wait. He was amazing!


Took this picture of the wash we went through to get to the Upper Slot of Antelope Canyon. The Navajos will cancel tours if there is a chance of rain. This wash can flood quickly.

We arrive and so do many other tours!

IMG_3747IMG_3748Yes it was crowded… but we were in a small group and our Navajo Guide made sure we stopped and got our shots.

The entrance… just think if the wash was flooded!
IMG_3761 - Copy - Copy
Elvis Presley Profile
IMG_3788 - Copy - Copy
Called The “Fire”
IMG_3811 - Copy - Copy
My favorite… I don’t know why… I just like it!

IMG_3798 - Copy - CopyIMG_3802 - Copy - Copy

IMG_3814 - Copy - Copy
Do you see the heart?
IMG_3847 - Copy
…another heart?

IMG_3817 - Copy - Copy

IMG_3878 - Copy - Copy

Doing what I love…

Thanks for coming along for the tour.

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

Until Next Time ~Nancy