Maple Syrup

We went for a ride in the country and ended up touring a Maple Syrup Farm! I really enjoy REAL 🍁 Maple Syrup …so this just made my day!

That’s a Soybean field in the foreground. The Maple Syrup Farm also farms Soybeans and corn.

This is the young farmer who is showing us how they tap acres upon acres of Maple Trees! It’s all done with tubing and the sap all runs down hill to the Sugar House.

I was amazed that it is done this way …as I thought the sap was still collected in buckets. Some smaller operations still do collect the sap in buckets.

Sweet Man is learning how it’s all done!

Maple Trees Store starch in their trunks and roots. During January/February/March when the days are warmer the sap flows up into the tree trunk and flows out into the tubing. Then during the night when it is cold the sap flows back down into the roots of the tree. This is an ongoing process through the spring. The sap gets collected and is boiled down into Syrup.

I was given this fabulous Syrup yesterday by the young farmer. We enjoyed it immensely on pancakes today for lunch.

I hope you get to enjoy REAL Maple Syrup on your pancakes! It tastes soooo much better then the kinds found on your grocery store shelf. Most of them are made from corn syrup.

Until Next Time ~Nancy