amAZing Arizona

Have I told you that I love Arizona?

Well… I do! There is so much to do here! So much to see! Trails to hike and trails to ride via 4 wheeling, cycling, or horseback. The weather cooperates almost 99.9% of the time.

The other day we went on a fabulous adventure! We “hiked” about 2 miles into the back country to see amAZing sights! Just sit back and enjoy the views that we saw!

Remnants of an old mining town.

We hiked up that hill to find numerous petroglyphs!

A saguaro is always a pleasure too see up close and personal!

At one time this was a large gold mining operation!

Native American Pit House ruins.

Pottery shards were scattered everywhere. Left from Native Americans. Someone who visited this site put these together on this rock. So glad they left the history there!

Lava Rock scattered our trail!

An iconic sight of the Wild, Wild, West!

Don’t worry! I’m okay!

Come visit our amAZing State!