Tuesday Tidbits #66 Prescott National Forest

Hello and Welcome to a Late Edition of Tuesday Tidbits!

It’s been a fun few days here at Two Trails One Road. We experienced a fun Jeep ride this past week that took us into the mountains at about 6000 ft. elevation in the Prescott National Forest.

And this is what we encountered. SNOW!

This is The Senator Highway out of Prescott, AZ

The problem is that this road turns into a dirt trail that is not plowed. This can be dangerous especially on hairpin turns with no guardrails! So we stopped and before we turned around we made a snowman!

Our Little Snowman

We got turned around and ended up on a beautiful dirt trail called Copper Basin. Beautiful views!

We came across this photographer that was taking pictures of Abert Squirrels! They are gray in color and have big tufted ears. Adorable!

Her camera.

If you look on the ground of the above picture you will find the Ponderosa Pine needles down on the ground. They feed on almost everything of the Ponderosa Pine… the cones, buds, twigs, fungus and tree sap! When they are through with a certain twig… they throw it down to the ground!

As we drove down the mountain we also encountered some thick clouds…

The Arizona Blue Sky tried to regain its true self as the day went on!

The Arizona Blue Sky is returning!

Another adventure had by us… and it was fun! 😀

And back down here in the Valley… the Phoenix area… the Lupines are blooming, trees have green buds and we have our Arizona blue skies!

Thank you for reading! As always I look forward to your lovely comments!