My family was very lucky to have a wonderful father!

He loved his family and would do anything for them. He loved his kids and had such patience with his grand kids! He was the first to have a computer in our family, neighborhood and most likely our town. If he were alive today… he would be on every social media platform and most likely have a blog!

Grandpa introduced my boys to “Gaming” where they would hang out in the Captain’s Quarters (his office) and sit on his lap and play games on his computer. Great memories for them!

He went by a lot of names. Dad, Grandpa, Stephen and some called him The Colonel because he resembled Colonel Sanders.

We live at the LakeHouse during the summer months which is my childhood home. He loved this house! Sweet Man and I try hard to keep his memory alive when we update the place.

Dad was a metallurgical engineer for US Steel in Pittsburgh for 40 some years. But owned a print shop in Pittsburgh to help bring more income in for the family. My Mom was at his side at The Shop.

He was a giver and made sure all his kids went to college. But printing was not a job for him… he loved it! He would set type for so many different jobs. Posters, newsletters, invitations you name it, he did it. Later in life he began to print and make miniature books. He also collected them. I too have started to collect miniature books because it gives me such a warm feeling and a loving memory of my Dad.

Later on when he retired… he belonged to an Amateur Printer’s Association where all the members would print a flyer or some kind of correspondence monthly… using hand set type, printers ink and a press. They would all share what they printed in a bundle. When that bundle came he would sit at the kitchen table for hours looking at each one. My brother has taken over his legacy and prints using my Dad’s type and some of his smaller presses. He also belongs to the same Amateur Printer’s Association.

Here you see my Dad…in his glory… getting ready to print for the bundle! The bundle is what made him start his Tidbits… his monthly newsletter. Now I have adapted that idea with my Tuesday Tidbits!

He was a character and could talk his way across town! He would leave in the morning to go buy milk or bread or something… and not come home for hours as he stopped at every little place in town to chat with everyone! My brother captured his personality in the above sketch!

All who knew him were glad they did. Our family was so blessed to have him!

Happy Father’s Day Dad… we all miss you!

And Happy Father’s Day to All Dads!

Until Next Time ~Nancy