Tuesday Tidbits #128 Let the Lake Life Begin

Edinboro Lake

That’s Right! Lake Living has Begun!

Well, not so fast. First we must weed, dust, weed, wash sheets, weed, buy groceries, weed… I think you get the picture.

Pennsylvania Living

We flew in from Phoenix not even a week ago and the weather has been quite beautiful. A bit warm… I do believe it’s the first time we have had the air conditioning on in May. We need rain… good golly I said that when we were in Phoenix too. For those of you who are new to following me… we fly back to Pennsylvania every summer to live in our LakeHouse which is my childhood home.

Lots of Rhododendrons

My Mom and my sister planted all the Rhododendrons here at the LakeHouse about 55 years ago.

The Rhodies are blooming everywhere! Such beautiful flowers.

They make lovely bouquets.

Perfect for the freshly cleaned bedroom.

Here is my neighbors bush…

When it is in full bloom it’s almost pure white.
We are lucky… as we can see these outside our back windows!

Another Rhododendron in our yard is a lovely purple.

We are so lucky to have these mature flowering bushes in our yard. And we are lucky to have lots of Forget Me Nots blooming. My Mom planted these 50+ years ago as well.

As of now that’s all we have blooming but many perennials are going to start their “showtime” very soon!

Local Farms

We head out to the local farmers who have fresh eggs. There is nothing better then fresh eggs!

Here I am about to fry a few up… see how golden they are!


It’s a Lake Town and a College Town

Our little town of Edinboro has a lake and a University. Edinboro State University is my alma mater. I’m glad to share a few campus pictures…

Here is a neat little TidBit for you… when I was a freshman in college I was friends with a gal by the name of Sharon Stone. We had a Child Psych class together. One day she told me she was headed to NYC as Woodie Allen wanted her in a movie. That was the last time I saw her. She then became the famous actress Sharon Stone …that we all know on the big screen.

Feature Creature

The Goldfinches have returned!

They are always fun to see!

We have mulch to lay in the garden beds and there’s grass to cut. So I need to close. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. Happy Tuesday Friends!