Tuesday Tidbits #114 Richness, Rain and Roadrunners

Need an Orange?

Well sorry… we do not have enough to pass around. In fact, our harvest consisted of 1 orange! Yes that’s right… only 1 orange on our very small tree. It’s our very first orange!

We turned eating it into a photo shoot!

It was extremely sweet and so delicious! We were very proud of our very first and only orange…ever! It was Rich in taste!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to another Tuesday!

Rain came to our neck of the woods! Thank goodness! Our Sonoran desert was extremely dry. Saguaros looked skinny and the landscape looked brown. Three days of slow steady rain will help.

Our backyard loved getting its thirst quenched.

My Zinnias were on their last leg so the rain gave them a little bit more life.

Before the rain came we had a RoadRunner hang out on our back wall for several minutes.

He/she is quite relaxed.

Roadrunners are fast and do not like to pose.

They usually have their tail upright and wear a little hat.

But today he/she was extremely relaxed.

We were happy that this Roadrunner felt happy to hang out at our place!

Oh, and by the way… here are our Zinnias on a sunny day… happy as can be.

Hope your week was good. We are good but waiting patiently for the Vaccine! It’s time to rev up the production!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends.