The Fun Just Doesn’t Stop!

Oh, and I am glad of that.

It’s never a dull moment here in the desert.

Yesterday… Sweet, sweet man and I went on an adventure with friends.

We went here and found some beautiful rocks.

Gila River

Look at these beauties!

After Rock Hounding we decided to go explore South Mountain.

What a fabulous idea!

Entrance to the summit of South Mountain, AZ.

We drove to the top and this is what we saw.

The whole Valley!

Here’s a better view.

It was a dusty day… but you can see Phoenix!
A covered area to look at the outstanding view.

Of course I have to go exploring… notice I do not have boots on! Not smart!

IMG_3306But I found saguaros in bloom!  Click on them to see slide show.

They are blooming everywhere now. The saguaros are late bloomers compared to all the other cacti.

Look at this one… Flowers on every arm!
Almost every Saguaro is displaying a blossom.

We saw this bench and had to go find out what we could see from there.

IMG_3380More of that incredible view!

IMG_3383But then…

What was that… out of the corner of my eye??


IMG_3338No… it’s not a turtle. It’s a male chuckwalla.

And look at his bright orange tail.

He didn’t want to show it off for a picture.

He was about 12-14 inches long. And these Chuckwallas who sport the orange tail seem to only be on South Mountain!Looks like a carrot, doesn’t it?

The picture below was his buddy… he jumped out from a rock.

IMG_3373You can read about Chuckwallas here.

Never a dull moment here in the desert…

Hope you had a fun day as well.

This Saguaro is growing right behind a tree. But LOOK at those blooms!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy