Lake Erie Sunset

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Last night I took my sister’s dog for a walk… and this is what we saw.

Always remember…

“Explore where you live.”

Oh and Go Cavs!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

28 thoughts on “Lake Erie Sunset

  1. I know you’ll enjoy your summer back east. Isn’t it fun sharing your time in different locations with such varying terrains?

    1. Oh yes it is! Amazing what our country has in store for us. That is the reason why I said… Explore Where You Live. There is so much to see right here in our back yard!
      I am also keeping blog posts a bit short because… WiFi has a mind of it’s own!

    1. Hi Clare! I am so glad you saw the sunset… It was breathtaking to watch it. Sunsets have a way of capturing our attention, don’t they? Thank you for your kind words.

  2. You are so correct! There is so much to see in our own ‘backyard’. We love taking road trips to take the opportunity to see what is around us. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll venture afar but for now…♡

      1. And Edinboro is packed with people! Soccer Championships at the University and it was like 4th of July down at the Lake!

  3. Explore where you live is important but so are dogs to walk! I get out on far more local trails and see far more lovely sights (like your sunset here) because my friend Ivy takes me there😊

    1. I use to have a yellow lab… She loved walks. After she was gone… I had a hole in my heart but was not ready for another dog. So… I became a dog sitter for my friends and family. I love it! I see so many different personalities with all the different dogs. They all have become my little friends. And they all have taken me to some beautiful places. 🙂

      1. They do break your heart when they leave but it sounds like you’ve found a great compromise and I’m sure your friends and family appreciate it too!

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