Friday Fun ~ the no “E” challenge

TexasFun1 241 - Copy - Copy - CopyMy friend Mark from Mark Bialczak

Has nominated me in the Blog Challenge~

“Allergic to the Letter “E.”

A  paragraph has to be written and  the letter “E” is not to be used.

Well, Mr. Mark (that’s what I call him) I accept.

TexasFun1 240 - Copy - Copy - CopyI was standing by a pond and saw a blossom.

Oh, what a stunning blossom it was just waiting for Nancy to photograph it.

In thorough isolation I stood to applaud God’s artful workmanship.

Snapping away I did, so all of you could savor that occasion.

So there you have it… Mr. Mark! No “E” for YOU!

I however am breaking a rule or two… I am not going to challenge others.

Happy Friday!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

16 thoughts on “Friday Fun ~ the no “E” challenge

  1. Glorious photo and prose, E-Less Nancy. And somehow I knew you’d figure out a way to break a rule, you know? Have a great weekend, adventurer. 🙂 — Mr. Mark

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