Prescott, AZ ~Watson Lake

Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ

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Such beauty at Watson Lake. Back in the distance you can see snow capped Mt. Humphrey in Flagstaff.

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PrescottLakes 008
We never got to see them repel down… But I am sure they did after we left!
PrescottLakes 015 - Copy
Looks like we could tip it over… but it wasn’t going anywhere!
PrescottLakes 031
Sweet, sweet man taking in the beauty…
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Such beauty at Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ.
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Isn’t that the truth!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

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37 thoughts on “Prescott, AZ ~Watson Lake

  1. We just LOVED our time here in March. In the spring the water was so high that the shore was flooded, trees surrounded by water and the trail to loop the lake underwater at the far end. But boy was it beautiful!! We had a wonderful day kayaking the lake, as well. It was as smooth as glass:)

      1. I forgot that I never responded to your reply. Blogs are such a wealth of information. We changed our plans around after two other friends posted on this area!! So glad we did! Prescott is one of the first areas we have come upon where we think we could someday live year round. Since we generally don’ t have reservations, I can’t tell you how often our route and destination is change because of a cool blog post.

      2. Prescott… is a beautiful area to retire! Wait… we are retired! HA HA HA!
        I am knocking myself in the head that I did not link you up to this post. But don’t worry I will try some how some way in the future!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous series of photographs of this beautiful place—there is so much beauty to behold in every shot. This landscape is a feast for the eyes. Amazing colours, textures and shapes in this place. And I love that little smiling tree! :)) Thank you for sharing this. I very much enjoyed seeing this stunning landscape through your lens. Have a wonderful week! :))

    1. Such beautiful words from not only a beautiful person but also a most beautiful photographer that shares her beautiful work with all of us! Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I see so many instances of “If there’s a will, there’s a way!” It’s amazing how ‘life’ flourishes, sometimes in the harshest environments. Love the photos, the lake looks gorgeous.


    1. Isn’t that the truth about seeing so many instances of how life flourishes. I just love it!
      Thanks for enjoying the lake with us!

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