Enchanted Forest

As I entered Muir Woods National Monument… I felt like I was in The Enchanted Forest! Don’t you think?

(Warning: posting from my phone and I can’t write captions for some reason!) (Yikes!) (Sorry!)


These redwoods are magnificent!  They grow from the Burls… See the gnarley burls?!?!     

    The burls somehow disconnect when the redwood is stressed. And saplings grow… See below. (Several trees grow from one.)

   This was a beautiful place! I would go back in a heartbeat! 

Not the greatest picture but wanted you to get the perspective of most trees…

Thank you all for coming to see my enchanted forest! 

Happy Thanksgiving to All my Blogging Friends! We are all truly blessed.  

   Until Next Time  ~Nancy

25 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest

    1. Around every leaf and tree!
      Oh by the way… I saw two huge banana slugs and thought of YOU! Yuuupp… I know, all the beautiful pictures you take and the one I remember is the snail/slug photo! 😀😀
      Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  1. Nancy!
    A natural setting called a “Muir” Woods National Monument, feeling like an enchanted forest is such a natural choice. His love of he wood and his dedication to preservation are legendary.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Nancy! What a beautiful enchanted forest walk you took us on. Absolutely magnificent. It’s high on our list to see the redwoods and now, more than ever, I want to go. What a truly magical and enchanting place. Thanks for the walk! ~ Jeannie :))

    1. You bet! Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. Hmmm I don’t believe you celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada… But have a fabulous weekend!

    1. You are quite welcome. I had a fun evening posting this post from my phone. If I could show a smiley face with cross eyes… I would! HA HA!!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Although it took me a week to post about it, I still can’t believe that on opposite sides of the world, we – you and I – stood beneath the canopy of a magnificent forest at the same time. That is almost as incredible as the trees themselves 🙂


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