Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

quailnesting 003

Do you remember our baby quails when I posted about them here.

The following photo gallery shows quite well the “transition” from

eggs to baby birds.

Pleas click on the gallery to enlarge the photos.

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Until Next Time  ~Nancy

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

      1. Touché Nancy,

        I too have that problem, but I do recall that post was one of the first I’d read on your blog 🙂 It obviously made an impression on me.


  1. Too cute…love the quails as the scamper around….we had a family of them near our house…loved to watch our cat’s eyes as that sat in my office window watching that family parade around outside….:)

    1. Oh, that would have been something for your kitty cat.
      The quail are fun to watch. I always say they look like little soldiers when they walk down in a line on top of our wall.

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