Time to Reflect

If you are new to following Two Trails One Road… we live very close to a lake, during the summer, so capturing reflections is easy here at the lake. I took the following picture just the other day on Edinboro Lake. (Do you see some of the leaves starting to turn…!)

When I am down at the lake I too will reflect and give thanks for all that we have!

Here in Pennsylvania clouds are appreciated by me as the desert seems to only have clouds during Monsoon season. Clouds on the water here make for a Monet Moment.

A special treat is seeing the Autumn colors reflect upon the lake…

Speaking of Autumn… soon we will return to our desert home where we can find reflections there as well.

Take time to reflect… it does a person good. Todays reflection fills my heart with gratitude for all that we are blessed with!

Sharing today for Wandering Wednesday over at Live Laugh RV.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Reflection in a glass door of me!

40 thoughts on “Time to Reflect

  1. I clearly can see why you wrote this.. you are truly blessed.. ..the views the homes and the love… all makes for a blessed life.. continue to enjoy my friend

    1. Thank you! The moon shot was with my cell phone. I did not have my camera with me. Doesn’t that just happen!

      I’m glad you saw the resemblance to Monet! Thanks for the reflection love.

  2. Love your post especially the ‘Monet’ photo and fall colors photo. I do miss all those wonderful fall colors seen back east. Nice job!

    1. Pit… I was so lucky… I grew up on this lake! The LakeHouse is my childhood home.
      I learned how to fish, swim, ski, and ice skate on this lake! It’s as fabulous as it looks!

      Thanks for enjoying this post!

  3. Nancy, I didn’t get to read your post yesterday and I can’t believe we shared the same. I loved each reflection. There is something about seeing a reflection in the water, takes my breath away. Happy Thursday, dear friend!

    1. I believe God is speaking to us… !!
      He wants us to tell the world to count our blessings. To love every moment as it could be our last. But most of all… to give thanks! 🙏

      Your captures of reflections are stunning!

      Have a beautiful end to your week!

  4. I love reflections and taking the time to reflect viewing such beautiful pictures makes me smile all over. Great photos and I especially love the reflection of you in the door. stunning. No matter what our circumstance in this world, God gives us so much beauty around us…how can one want for more? Blessings

  5. You made Chautauqua look so beautiful just like it really is. I’ve been taking pictures there for over 30 years and none of them looked as good as yours. Looking forward to being with you two at both lakes next summer.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment! It was so nice of you to give us such a personal tour. We enjoyed it and look forward to more get togethers next summer!

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