Tuesday Tidbits

I sit here thinking about my Dad. What a great Dad! During the Depression he was young and found that Printing brought him needed cash. Later, he and my Mom had a printing shop …along with a young family and a full time career for US Steel as a Metallurgical Engineer. When he retired he was more of a hobby printer. But with the ink running through his veins he printed a monthly newsletter called TidBits. He put that newsletter together one letter at a time on his printing press. Later he bought a McIntosh Desktop Computer and typed away using desktop publishing to make his newsletter. He sent his “Tidbits” to a Hobby Printing Association. Many others did the same and he would get a monthly “bundle” of all his “printing buddy’s” work. He loved sitting at the kitchen table looking at ALL his printer friend’s work! Ahhhh the memories…

Dad to me, Grandpa to his 7 grandchildren, Burl Ives to some and The Colonel to others.
A sample of his “Computer Published Newsletter” …that he actually had help with from my son when he was only 7… in Dad’s Man Cave called the “Captain’s Quarters!”

So I have decided to try to do the same. To follow in his great footprints! I wish to put together weekly or monthly thoughts or Tidbits. I am going to call these thoughts… Tuesday Tidbits! Who knows what you may find here on any given Tuesday. I will have fun changing it up. I hope that you will join me on Tuesdays for Tuesday Tidbits!

This Tuesday I am happy to have returned home from spending time with family in the Seattle area. We call the desert, home …and it welcomed us with opened arms.

We love our desert! We call it home.

Speaking of home… I am taking all my Fall decor down today. I hate to say goodbye to our Family Room all dressed up for Fall…

our fall patio as well…

…and don’t forget the kitchen!

It may be a tad early but travel has me out ahead of the bunches, except for the retail stores.

I’m off to fumble tubs from the attic. But first, a great big THANK YOU for reading my first edition of Tuesday Tidbits. “A Restful Pause for Busy People” as my Dad would say. Have a great week my friends.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. What a lovely idea Nancy, and such a lovely way to honour your Dad. Looking forward to seeing your next round of decorations, as always, I’m sure they will be stunning.

    1. It’s lovely here… I will not fool you my friend. Keep me updated if you get back out here. Ingrid is only 5 minutes away as well!

  2. How special is your Tuesday Tidbits? How special for you and the memory of your dad. I am looking forward to your Tuesday Tidbits my sweet friend. hugs
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  3. Tuesday Tidbits, I like it a lot! So beautiful to honor your dads passion as well. Your home is so beautiful , and I can’t wait to see what decorations you are about to put up next 🙂
    The desert is amazing, I think maybe especially this time of the year. I drove through an area in the Mojave yesterday that has lots of different kind of cactus. It’s an experience every time. Have a wonderful day Nancy <3

    1. The desert is spectacular a wealth of beauty around every corner!

      So glad you got to see my first edition of Tuesday Tidbits! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and view. 🤗

  4. I am glad you are continuing Tidbits. I grew up with my father as a printer. He published the Area Hi-Lighter which had ads plus a lot of local stories. I can remember him having lead pieces of type in his mouth as he sorted through them to do some of the printing. Hearing a printing press run everyday was a part of my life. I am glad you are keeping a part of your Dad alive.

    1. Your Dad and my Dad chatted quite often about Printing. My brother has a few of his small printing presses and prints often. He includes his work in the same Printers Association Bundle now! He even goes as often as he can to their yearly conventions!

      Sadly because of the digital age printing is not needed as it once was. A lost art… but still being kept alive by those where the ink runs through their veins.

      Mark… thanks for reading! How nice of you. And I remember the Hi-Lighter! We read it all the time!

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