Welcome In

It’s Christmas in our home and we would love for you to come in and stay a while. The Christmas Glow is in every room.

So take off your boots and come on in.

As you enter our home you come into out gathering room. Here you will see our Owls and Southwestern tree.

We gather here and dine with friends and family.

The table is set with a lovely centerpiece adorned with feathers and poinsettias.

The peppermint fragrance coming from the kitchen is absolutely delightful. Lets go in.

Our Christmas Kitchen has a small tree decorated with cookie cutters.

And it comes in handy as a centerpiece as well!

Gingerbread houses can be found throughout. When I worked at a Preparatory School in Cleveland. They had a Gingerbread House contest. The houses were incredible! So my love of Gingerbread houses started at that time.

Our kitchen looks out into our family room.

The stockings were made by Sweet Man’s Mom. She has made hundreds for friends and family.

A touch of the Southwest is added by including my red boots. And you never know when I am going to change the coffee table tray.

Even though I am retired from teaching… children’s books are still loved! ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas illustrated by Mary Engelbreit sits proudly on the coffee table.

Our fireplace mantel can’t be overlooked… Sweet Man installed it perfectly!

The mercury glass glistens in the evening.

Our tree in here has special ornaments. My White House Historical Association Ornaments from 2002 and our travel ornaments that I make from my photos using Shutterfly.

You can find me resting from the Christmas Festivities in our Master Bedroom.

Our backyard patio doesn’t escape Christmas decorations as well.

A surprise awaits you around the corner…………


The debut of my She Shed!

I have always wanted a She Shed and Sweet Man built this one for me. Next week I will invite you in for a quick peek of the She Shed. It’s a real treat to see! But for now… let’s go back to the kitchen for coffee or cocoa. I have a Christmas Mug for everyone!

Thank you for your visit. We enjoyed having you!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

28 thoughts on “Welcome In

  1. Beautiful, Nancy:) You certainly spent many hours decorating and finding the right spot for each piece. I love Mary Engelbreit’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. I read this to my third grade each year just before dismissal on the last day before Christmas break. Such gorgeous illustrations. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was my most favorite Christmas Book! I read it every year. Her illustrations are amazing.

      I bet you both are enjoying a few decorations in your new home!

      Thanks for the visit. I enjoy Christmas and every year as I pull the Christmas tubs out I treasure each piece for its nostalgic meaning.
      Thank you for enjoying our Christmas home.

  2. Thank you for welcoming us into your home. I’m one of the lucky ones to have physically seen your creative talents first hand. You always do an amazing job of decorating for the season … tasteful, festive, and never too much. Perfection!

  3. Nancy I want to come sit with you and sip on hot cocoa and enjoy all your beautiful Christmas decor. As I read through your post, I would think, oh I love that, and then I would see another room or area and I would say…I love that, so I guess my comments should say that I love each and every room and the uniqueness and continuity of your style. Great job my friend.

    1. Thank you Kari for your lovely words!

      We would chat up a storm if we got together. Wouldn’t that be fun!

      Thanks for enjoying our Christmas home.

  4. Oh my, you have been busy Nancy! I love how you’ve created a different theme and atmosphere in various spots, my favorite is your Southwestern tree! So many cute things on it! I also love the cookie cutter tree in your kitchen, and your porch is so welcoming!! I still have a pumpkin that says Boo on my patio, so much to do and running out of time!! You are an inspiration, and I need a poinsettia!

    1. Oh Jenna… I am so glad you came over and saw my She Shed! That porch had been a dream of mine for a long time. It’s still in it’s early stages… I am sure more “stuff” will come!

      Thanks for visiting! Merry a Christmas!

    1. It’s the Christmas Joy and Christmas Glow that we just love!

      Thanks for stopping by my friend! I promise to have Christmas cookies the next time you come!

  5. Oh Nancy, your home is truly beautiful. You really have captured the spirit of the holidays with your impeccable taste. Definitely could put even the most sour of Grinches in the holiday spirit. So much fun to embrace the holidays. Thank you.

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