Oh NOLA, It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

We enjoyed our stay in New Orleans very much! It was an easy city to navigate with welcoming, friendly people around every corner.

Streetcar Transportation is easy and inexpensive. $3 per person for the day. But you must have exact change! You can hop on and hop off throughout the city. It’s fun to ride the historical line. And the green Street Car takes you up St. Charles Ave. through the Garden District.

In fact… here we go …”All Aboard!” We rode it all the way to the end. It’s a beautiful ride! You pass gorgeous homes, lovely churches and the Universities. (Loyola and Tulane)

At the end of the line… we got off but then got back on the street car and rode it back down St. Charles. As you ride you will see that the trees still have Mardi Gras beads leftover from all the many Mardi Gras parades that go down St. Charles.

We then hopped off at Washington Ave. We walked a block down and found a small restaurant where you could grab a coffee and a bite to eat before you walk all around the neighborhoods of where celebrities like The Manning family lives (where Eli and Peyton) grew up. John Goodman, Nicholas Cage and Emeril Lagasse call NOLA home and have homes in the Garden District. We also found another Cemetery… The Lafayette Cemetery was one block up from St. Charles On Washington.

I wanted to walk the streets lined with big oaks, magnolia trees and gorgeous homes. The rain had ceased and the sun was shining brightly!

We enjoyed the homes and loved seeing some decorated for Mardi Gras.

Back to the Street Car on St. Charles we went. We took it just for a few minutes and got off at the bar called The Avenue Pub where we had a beer and a rest.

We enjoyed our beers but wanted to go to Jackson Square, back in the French Quarter, to see the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral.

On the way we passed one of Emiril’s restaurants. We did not stop as we were going to eat in the French Quarter.

We did a street line connection at Canal Street which is the Main Street of the city. While waiting for our connection the beautiful building with a white tower top, once known as the Hibernian Bank, is seen. It’s a pretty spot in their skyline that is lit up at night.

Off to Jackson Square we went… an easy street car hop off and there we were. It’s easy to find as it’s on the Mississippi River and Decatur St.

A bronze statue of General Andrew Jackson is found and it’s is also why the area is called Jackson Square. We strolled right inside the church which was spectacular!

Off we went on foot to Royal St. a fancy street of fabulous shopping and high end antique stores. My son and his wife chose her engagement ring from a lovely jewelry store on Royal when they visited a while back. We were amazed by the chandeliers in many of the stores. The following picture was taken outside looking in through the window.

This spectacular chandelier went for a little over $170,000 ! 😳😳

A few more beautiful displays of lighting that you could purchase.

By this time we were hungry and we knew we wanted to eat at ACME. We started with fabulous Louisiana Oysters shucked right in front of us at the bar!

Then I enjoyed the Crawfish Étouffée and Sweet Man had Jambalaya, Gumbo, Rice and Beans with andouille sausage. A fabulous meal! And reasonably priced.

We highly recommend ACME Oyster House.

After dinner it was time to stroll back to our bed and breakfast. Making sure to take in the sights along the way.

We had a fabulous time in New Orleans and it was hard to say Goodbye. The people were extra wonderful and happy. We will be back!

Thanks so much for coming along on our NOLA Getaway!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

25 thoughts on “Oh NOLA, It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

  1. You captured the city beautifully. You shared just enough to have me wanting to go back. I loved the architecture in the Garden District.

  2. It has been a lot of years since we were in New Orleans but oh what fun we had. I think you saw much more of the city than we did though. Did you see any remaing effects of Katrina?

    1. Thanks so much! We enjoyed NOLA.
      We enjoyed ACME so much we went back for lunch the next day. The Oysters were the freshest we ever had! The service was outstanding.

      Fun times.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed! I have fun making those on several different apps.

      Happy Week to you. I look forward to your new Sunday Posts feature.

  3. You definitely did NOLA in a big way! The streetcars are my favorites and the Garden District, swoon! Loved seeing all the Mardi Gras decor, a very big deal in the South! Love your photo with “the guys!” and the inside of the cathedral, I have not been in, gorgeous!

    1. Those guys were kicking up the Mardi Gras Spirit!

      I am so glad you enjoyed! It’s a fun city and we will go back!

      Thank you for the visit!😊

  4. I adore every single one of these pictures- makes me want to go back to NOLA so badly! I enjoyed this vicarious little trip through your blog though 🙂 Thank you tons for sharing, Nancy!

  5. Great pictures of New Orleans…been there a few times…love the architecture of the French Quarters and the residential architecture of the Garden District! Great post!

  6. Nancy your photos are amazing and capture New Orleans perfectly. I have been to NO several times and I remember how devastating it was after the hurricane Katrina.. Your pics are perfect…The architecture has always attracted me. Thanks for sharing dear friend.

    1. Well Thank you sugar pie! The architecture was amazing but the food was even more amazing!

      We just got back from Texas and did a post on Gruene, Texas. have you ever been?

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