Tuesday Tidbits #13

Valentine TeaTime

I want to share a few teatime moments with you… that may get you in the mood for Valentines Day.

Outdoor patio…

Red inspiration…

At the coffee table…

For Breakfast…


At your kitchen table…

Wherever it may be … A Valentine Tea Time is a perfect excuse to stop, rest and re-energize.

I hope you can stop and enjoy a cup of tea today. It’s the little things that bring us joy. Thank you for visiting.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #13

  1. Nancy you are a gal after my own heart as I love my cuppa…and it is usually green tea, although I do try different teas from time to time. I love all your nooks and crannies for having tea. My Secret Garden is my favorite, although my outside foyer/porch or Lanai works just fine. A cozy fire in thee fireplace is not so bad either. Thanks for showing your places my sweet friend. Hugs

  2. Stop and smell the coffee…or the tea…or the flowers…..always good to stop and rela ..thanks for reminding me. Love all of your tea pots and your lovely vignettes.

  3. These vignettes are so beautiful! I love them all! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate Your Story! You are being featured at tomorrow evening’s party! Have a great one!

  4. How perfect, a pink table, a spread of fabulous desserts, wine and girlfriends! That’s what I call a party! LOVE the cake, so pretty…I’ve seen people make them, I wonder how hard it is to do the icing…anyway, wonderful fun here, and I love the conversation heart vignette!

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