Tuesday Tidbits #19

Spring is in the air… inside and out!

Our green desert…

Our sunny inside…

Our hills come alive with wild poppies…

The inside comes alive when outside colors come in…

…and soon the bunnies will be hopping…

Has Spring Sprung in your neck of the woods?

I appreciate your visits. Thank you for reading and I always enjoy your comments!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #19

  1. Yes, spring is around here in Fredericksburg, in the Texas Hill Country, too.
    I’m always amazed how quickly a desert can become colourful (after an rain).

    1. We had a strange winter due to El Niño… more rain then usual, colder temperatures then usual… but this gives us the stunning spring colors!
      Thanks for your visit!

      1. Our winter was drier than usual, very likely “thanks” to El Nino, too. That means only few wildflowers. 🙁

  2. Nancy, what beauty outside and inside. The desert blooms beautifully in spring and so does your home. I love your tables, they are so inviting sweet friend. Bunnies are too cute…Happy Tuesday!

    1. Oh Pam… thank you so very much! The Southwest is enjoying the rain it got! And we enjoy bringing those colors into the home!

  3. I have been enjoying all of your lovely pics inside and out..I haven’t decorated much for spring or Easter…almost all is packed and ready for my move. But enjoying your decor so much.

    1. Judy… how nice of you!

      I am glad you enjoyed inside and out. I think my sister and I both enjoy styling our homes because our Mom did.

      I have been enjoying your classes and spring flowers that you recently shared.

      Thank you for visiting! 😊

  4. Your desert sure is green and colorful…beautiful! Love your daffodils. Even our desert has a green layer and looks so wonderful. We drove a back road to the river the other day and the wildflowers were amazing. While we don’t seem to have poppies, we do have fields of lupine. So many new flowers for me and so many colors.

    1. I bet you are just loving your new digs. How long have you been in Nevada?

      We are loving all the green!

      Thank you for popping in!

      1. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Fun to have a place to come back to and “settle.” So did the putting green turn into a garden?

  5. So beautiful, both inside and outside! Love these wildflowers. 🙂
    Thank you, Nancy for sharing the bright and colorful spring with us. 🙂

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