Take Me Out to the BallGame

Some fun was had in Goodyear, AZ yesterday. We saw our favorite team the Cleveland Indians beat the Cincinnati Reds!

Spring Training and warm Arizona weather go hand in hand.

Got to have Peanuts at a ballgame!

It’s always a joy to see Sandy Alomar.

Fun day at the Park!

Have you ever been to a Spring Training Game? If so, who played?

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23 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the BallGame

  1. Going to s spring training game is so much fun! We spent a week at Disney World in 2001 to see the Atlanta Braves play 3 games against the Dodgers, Astros, and Tigers.

    1. It’s fun to see the new players show their stuff. Then to see our beloved returning players always makes us happy.

      Oh… then there is the nice weather as well!

      Glad you got to see some spring training games down in Florida. How fun!

  2. I don’t know much about baseball but it must have been great fun to be in that lovely sun with all of the enthusiastic crowd. Pass the peanuts please. 😊

  3. Great pics, Nancy and looks like a great day at the park! My Dad played minor league for the Cleveland Indians. He would have moved to the majors, but was drafted into the Korean War. That ended his baseball career. Funny, he is a St. Louis Cardinal fan! He loves baseball!

    1. Now isn’t that something about your Dad! How about that! I’m sorry his baseball career ended …and please thank him for his service.

      Baseball and summer and the USA all go hand in hand!

  4. Love Spring Training games…(Royals are in Arizona now, ours used to be in Florida) and I love my Kansas City Royals…win or lose.

    Actually, we are flying to opening day at the “K” on Thursday, hope the weather in KC cooperates. LOL I have to have peanuts, and hot dogs or it is not a ball game. I don’t care if I just ate dinner, one can not go to watch a ball game and not eat both. I think it is a written rule somewhere, Nancy. haha.

    I used to have Season’s Tickets to the Royals and I was eating peanuts when there was maybe 200 fans in the whole stadium…yeah, they were in many a slump for several years.

    But a true fan stays with them and in 2014, they went to the World Series but didn’t win…long story but should have won. But that is ok, because they went back in 2015 and did win the World Series. They hadn’t won a series since 1985….and yes, I was with them even then.

    They lost a lot of my favorite players due to trades last year and earlier this year, etc.and so have been re-building, but I will always love my team. I NEVER miss a game on TV.

    I used to watch Sandy Alomar Sr….when he played and of course Sandy Jr was one of the best catchers…and coaches and managers. Isn’t he first base line coach now? I loved watching great catchers like Alomar, and currently …Buster Posey, Yadier Molina and of course our own Royals catcher Salvador (Salvy) Perez who is out for the season with Tommy John surgery. 🙁

    There is nothing like America’s past time of watching a ball game on a warm summer day.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to carry on….but I am a big sports nut. My teams are the college basketball Kansas Jayhawks, (yes, we lost last night at the dance) and the pro football KC Chiefs.

    Hugs dear friend.

    1. I enjoy watching your KC Quarterback!

      We had a bratwurst, peanuts and an ice cold beer! The weather was perfect! Not too hot, not too cold, just right!

      I enjoy Sports as well…!!

      Thank you for sharing your love of baseball!

    1. It’s fun to see the rookies and hopefuls and some who we already know!

      Plus the warm Arizona weather helps out too!

      Thank you for the visit! Fun following you on IG as well!

  5. Miss being there this time of year for Spring Training…..last year we hosted a lot of my former employees from Southern California to a Dodgers Spring training game….

    I loved going to the different stadiums across the metro area….each seems to be unique!

    Great pics of the Goodyear Stadium….you were down the hill from our community (Estrella Mountain Ranch)…south of the ballpark on Estrella Parkway up the hill behind the Estrella Mountains..we still have our house there and were trying to get out that way in March for Spring Training with some friends….as you know, we ended up in Iowa instead for my Dad’s service.

    Next year……

    1. I was so sad to hear about you Dad. How are you Kirt.

      Yes… we were very close to your place. Spring Training will be waiting for you next year. Now it’s time to console each other and heal.

      Sending continued prayers your way.

      1. Thank you Nancy….it was an incredible celebration of life….family from all over the country came together….he had been suffering for so long, it was a blessing. As you know, I am a man of faith, so I know he’s home with the Lord! Thanks for your prayers!

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