Tuesday Tidbits #63 Painted Valentine Glasses

Hello Friends! Welcome in! It’s the first Tuesday in February so I am going to share some

I painted a few glasses with tiny hearts! It was easy because all I did was use a few different color paints and made sweet little hearts on them.

Since it was chilly out… it was the perfect day to sit in my cozy spot and look at some favorite cook books and magazines.

I could look at magazines about food and home decor all day!

Enjoying some “me” time, with a cupcake, magazines and a cool beverage in my new Valentine glass… makes this girl happy.

The hutch above has our vintage collection of frosted Blakey Arizona Cactus glasses. When I first came to Arizona… I fell in love with them in an antique store. And I have collected them ever since. I also have the pitcher that goes along with them which completes the set. It’s a collection I love …along with other Southwest finds. In this room we share our collections. If you look closely you can see our assortment of vintage ink bottles and pens.

I enjoy being able to just stop… and enjoy the quiet.

My cool beverage is empty and my magazines are calling my name!

Thanks for stopping by…

21 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #63 Painted Valentine Glasses

    1. All so fabulous in your favorite spot! Thanks for the love!

      I meant to ask you… did you have a favorite commercial in the super bowl?

    1. I concur, Mr. Mark! Wow what a game! Exciting from start to finish! And how about that last quarter??

      That’s how a Super Bowl should be! Fun, exciting and thrilling!

      Thanks for stopping in!😊

  1. Nancy, you and I have so much in common. Give me magazines and a cozy spot and I am blissful for hours. Your heart glasses are too cute, I need to try that! You are a collector, and so am I. Our virtual friendship was meant to be. I ❤️ your Tuesday Tidbits post. Have a most delightful day ❤️

    1. Yes collections! Sometimes it’s an affliction and not a hobby! Ha! Ha!! We enjoy antiquing and when we come to Alabama one day let’s all go antiquing together! You know Alabama is one of 3 states I need!

      Thank you for the love!

      And the Tablescape Blog Hop you are in is such fun!

      Happy Tuesday sweet one! 💗

  2. How festive! I’ve had “put out some Valentine decor” on my to-do list for days now. I need to jump on it and get it done. I know it would bring a festive smile to my face. Thanks for the inspiration!

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