Naturally… It’s Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to You, my friends!

This is the day we tell those that we love… how much we love them!

And it’s the perfect time to reach out to those that you do not see everyday. Sit down, have a cup of tea and make a phone call, send an email or even a text to those you have not chatted with as of late. Nurturing friendships or nurturing family love is very important.

This is the perfect time to tell all of you how happy I am that you follow along on this Road where Two Trails came together. Thank you! I appreciate each and every one of you! 💗

As you all know Sweet Man and I enjoy getting out into the elements of the world around us. We enjoy nature very much. While we are hiking, walking or even driving we come across natural hearts… I call them GodWinks. So this is the perfect day to share some of the natural hearts we have found.

This first heart is from Antelope Canyon in Arizona. This is a beautiful slot canyon found near Page, Arizona in Navajo Nation. In order to go into the Slot Canyon you have to be escorted by a Navajo. It’s a beautiful place and I hope you put it on your Bucket List to view. The way the light shines on the waves of sandstone is incredible.

When looking for fossils in Payson, Arizona… I came across this lovely sight.

I have no idea if the heart in the tree was carved or if this happened naturally. But it gave me a smile.

When walking in the desert the Prickly Pear Cactus can take on a heart shape every once in a while.

Looking down on a trail one day… I saw a piece of quartz filled with some dirt.

You guessed it… I collect Heart Rocks and have a few heart gardens.

Here is one of my Heart Gardens… The Frogs are the Caretakers. 💚

Sweet Man saw a heart in this camp fire and sent it to me when I was traveling with some gal pals.

Here’s another sandstone heart from Antelope Canyon…

And the last 2 hearts I share with you will always be my favorites…

The first is from sweet man. He jumped out of the Jeep one day and carried this heart back to the Jeep for me. It’s a large one and is part of a rock wall in our backyard.

And the next one I found while weeding around my parent’s grave. This was buried in the ground… I was digging it out as it was in the way of my plantings.

It now lays at their grave. Once again… they gave me a hug …but from Heaven.

I hope you can find GodWinks wherever you go!

Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️

36 thoughts on “Naturally… It’s Valentine’s Day

  1. What beautiful God Winks that you have discovered. Wishing you and Sweet Man a very Happy and adventure-filled Valentine’s Day. You are a lovely blessing my friend ♥️

  2. What a lovely post Nancy. Happy Valentines Day to you and your sweet man. How wonderful to find the stone at your parents resting place. A very special hug. Xo

      1. We were working all day (it was exhausting) and now I can’t even remember what we had for our dinner 🙂 But I can tell you, my hubby gave me another 3D Printed Moon lamp and I sat and played with it for ages. I’m such a child.

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